National Lampoon's European Vacation

After the Griswold family (accidentally) win a game show, they are rewarded with a trip to Europe. Chaos, as always, ensues as poor Clark simply wants to spend quality time with his wife and two children. In typical Griswold fashion, mix ups and mayhem go hand in hand as Ellen discovers that she is cut out for an - ahem..- alternative career, Audrey pines over her boyfriend back home and Rusty flirts with every female he meets.

Confusions arise with culture clashes, mistaken identities, foiled robberies, historical monuments, kidnappings and anything and everything else that this hapless family seem to attract so effortlessly.

As Clark notes the joy of returning home after being on vacation, the rest of Europe are glad to say ''Goodbye,' Au Revoir,' 'Auf Wiedersehen' and 'Addio' to the family who unintentionally turned their lives upside down like a roller coaster at Clark's beloved Walley World.


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Revealing mistake: During the scene when Audrey is having a nightmare about eating too much while on vacation, the nightmare ends with her inflating like a balloon from all the food. Her blouse splits open and down the middle, where the buttons have broken, the dark balloon used for the effect is visible. (00:16:35)

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Question: When there's a fight with the German dancers Clark dances with and the Griswolds run away and drive away as fast as they can, why do those German dancers chase after them with ropes? What were they going to do to them?

Answer: They're a lynch mob. Remember what Rusty's date said: Girl: They haven't rang those bells in years! Rusty: What do they mean? Girl: They're going to hang someone! (pause) Rusty: Dad.

Brian Katcher

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