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Vision Quest (1985)

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Corrected entry: During Louden's first dual meet match against the wrestler from Columbia High School in the 178lb. weight class he gets the matched stopped twice because of his bloody nose. After the second stoppage, his coach seems to make the decision that he can no longer continue (which no coach in his right mind would do for a bloody nose, that is left up to the referees) and his opponent receives a medical default victory. The problem is that after that match, the dual meet is over and the other team wins when there were at least two more weight classes left to wrestle. I say at least two more because Louden starts the movie off in the 190lb. weight class and there is at least one more class, that being Heavyweight. (However, if this movie was made today, this scenario would be believable due to a recent rule change that has the referee pick the starting weight out of a hat, instead of it automatically going from lightest to heaviest.)

Correction: Not all matches start lightest to heaviest. If it's a duel meet or more they rotate. Also a lot of teams don't have heavy weights so it could have been a void.

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