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Corrected entry: There are multiple times during the basketball games, when Scott is doing some fancy passing, when it would be really easy for the opposing team to steal the ball, but they don't because, well... the script doesn't call for it.


Correction: Not necessarily a movie mistake. Who's to say the other team is any good? They could be a bad team and therefore don't realize they're able to steal the ball. You can't comment on what the script calls for unless you wrote it.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Scott is talking to his basketball coach in his office. The next scene he is shown leaving school in completely different clothes.

Correction: He is leaving the locker room as you said. The whole point of a locker room is to change clothes so it can be assumed that he changed clothes in the locker room. Just b/c the didn't actually show him changing clothes doesn't mean it didn't happen. Remember this is a PG movie.

Corrected entry: Near the start of the film when Scott and his Dad are in the shop, a little boy blows a dog whistle which hurts Scott's ears, but it doesn't seem to bother his Dad who we later find out is also a werewolf.

Correction: The father doesn't convey a reaction to the whistle because he is used to being a wolf. Scott is dealing with just realizing he is a teenage werewolf and can't control things such as this yet.

Corrected entry: During the championship game, one of the final shots shows Scott's dad coming out of the crowd to congratulate him. There is a fan behind him who stands up to cheer and deliberately exposes her underwear to the camera. (01:25:15)

Correction: This isn't a mistake and there's no deliberate exposure of the underwear. It's not uncommon for some people in tight jeans to undo the buttons when sitting. As she stood up, she was just rebuttoning her jeans.


Corrected entry: In the 'exposing fan' shot, there is a female crewmember visible to the lower left, holding a walkie-talkie and some coats, observing the scene and actually glancing up at the fan as he is covering up. (01:25:15)

Correction: There is a redheaded girl wearing a gray shirt and holding a purse and a blue coat. She does look up at the tattooed man exposing himself, but he has already pulled his shirt down over his opened zipper by then. She does not have a walkie talkie, and there is nothing to indicate she is a crew member. Near the end of the shot her coat is bunched up in her arms, and one of the creases looks similar to a skinny walkie talkie antenna, but it is just her coat.


Corrected entry: Though the vampire legend gets changed when convenient for the plot, werewolf legends have always centered around changing with the moon. How does Michael J. Fox change during the day?

Grumpy Scot

Correction: In Teen Wolf it is a family trait that appears during or after puberty. It is triggered by the full moon but also by rises in emotion (anger, lust, etc.) It isn't your typical werewolf syndrome.


Plot hole: Isn't it rather strange that nobody outside the Howard family's small town expresses any interest in the confirmed discovery of a new human sub-species, the only one on the planet? Wouldn't it be more likely that their little backwater town would be inundated with every press and scientific organisation on earth, and that the Howard family would be the centre of the greatest publicity carnival of all time?

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Suggested correction: Probably not, because this same case is most likely to have happened to other people before - as seen in Teen Wolf Too, there are plenty of other 'werewolf' people. So it is most likely that a case like Scott's has been exposed and reported before in other locations. Also, such a small town would probably want to prevent such a thing from happening, and everyone seems a certain bit frightened of Scott as a werewolf.

Hamster Premium member

Scott doesn't even know that he is a werewolf until it "hits him in the face." It is a very closely guarded secret until Scott goes public. That would bring every biologist, anthropologist, zoologist - name the scientific discipline - running, as well as every reporter on the planet. The posting is absolutely correct.

I agree with the original posting. The entire town is shocked about Scott and certainly not familiar with other cases of werewolves.

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Coach Finstock: There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese.

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