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The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

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Corrected entry: After trying to devise a plan to get rid of the "evidence", Burt runs up metal stairs and peeps out the window looking over in the direction of the cemetery and confirms Ernie Kaltenbrunner is still working. The lights in the funeral home were all off except for the embalming room where Ernie was working. As seen through the entire film the cemetery main gate seems to be the primary entrance onto the Resurrection Funeral Home property. In order to carry the evidence on a stretcher to the funeral home Frank, Freddie and Burt would have had to walk though the cemetery in order to get to the embalming room entrance and would have run into the punks and their party.

Correction: They do run into the punks. The preppier looking guy and girl are sitting alone just after the grave yard dance. She asks "is that Freddie?" He responds "no, why would Freddie be going to a mortuary?"

Corrected entry: During the beginning of the film, Frank is giving Freddie a tour of the warehouse. Frank explains that Freddie was in for a rare treat because they had a supply of split dogs. The warehouse was equipped with a freezer room where the dogs should have been kept. The dogs would have rotted and decayed on the shelf at room temperature where they were stored.

Correction: The dogs were displays for veterinary schools, so they would have been embalmed.

Corrected entry: When Frank and Freddy wake up to find the lid of the canister open Frank thinks the body must have melted when it hit the air. The question they should be asking is who opened the lid?


Correction: They opened the lid and kept it open when they were knocked out.

Corrected entry: When Trash is being attacked by zombies, she is wearing a jacket. However when she comes out of the puddle as a zombie, she is once again fully nude.


Correction: It is very plausible that Trash's jacket was torn off as she was being attacked.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the skeleton zombie first rises out of the grave, you can see he's just a skeleton and nothing else except eyes. If the skeleton in the grave can reanimate, then why didn't the skeletons in the supply warehouse reanimate?


Correction: The skeletons in the warehouse had been cleaned, stripped, and put back together with pins, unlike the untouched bones in the grave.

Corrected entry: After Trash is killed, she is walking up the street towards the homeless guy with the shopping cart. Notice that she is not wearing her "zombie FX" until they show her up close biting into the homeless guy.

Correction: Yes, she is wearing the zombie fx make-up when walking down the street, it just looks different because she does not have her mouth open yet. Just look at her eyebrows and neck.

Corrected entry: After Frank and Freddie open the tank, Tarman comes to life, gets out of the tank, and hangs out in the basement. Some time later after Tina arrives, he finally shows himself. Where and why was he hiding while Frank and Freddie were out cold (and unbeknownst to them already dead)?

Correction: There's no way to be certain, but he was probably in the process of reanimation, and they were so scared/sick they just didn't notice him.

Corrected entry: The door to the freezer, where the first zombie is trapped, says "DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR".

Correction: Pointing out something obvious to anyone watching the movie is NOT trivia.

Corrected entry: Of the main characters that are "eaten" by the zombies, Suicide, Trash, and Scuz, only Trash comes back as a zombie.

Correction: True but of those three only Trash is left submerged in a toxic rain puddle, also she got a much bigger dose of trioxin to start with, seeing how she wasn't wearing anything.

Correction: Others did not get trioxin in their bodies at all as they were killed indoors.

Corrected entry: The Tar Man, who shows up throughout the movie, goes through 3 distinctly different voices, one for each scene: one is low and gurgly, one is high-pitched, and one is extremely low. This same zombie also takes a few breaths when he tries to pull the door of the cabinet Tina is hiding in, and proceeds to stop breathing for the rest of the movie.

Correction: This is simply because he is a rotting corpse that has trouble maintaining his voice, his vocal chords and lungs are in the process of decomposing. Also, him breathing to assist in his pulling of the door is not a mistake, as we cannot tell he is not breathing througout the rest of the film. He very well could be, and most likely is, otherwise, he couldn't talk.

Other mistake: When Trash first comes back to life as a zombie there is a shot of rain falling and smoke swirling. The shot plays forward, then reverses for a second or two before playing forward again. The rain falls up and the smoke reverses direction.

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Suicide: You think this is a fuckin' costume? This is a way of life.

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Trivia: The actress who plays Trash is actually wearing a prosthetic rubber "crotch piece" during her strip scene (and subsequent scenes), which one of the producers insisted on, because he felt full frontal female nudity was "too much" for the film. Ironically, most of the shots of her are from a distance, and her under-region is hard to see, so in the end, the prosthetic was not really necessary. As confirmed in DVD commentary.

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