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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Cher and Gar visit Rocky's grave, the song "Born in the USA" is blasting from their truck stereo. Rocky's gravestone shows he died in 1982 but that song was not released on Columbia Records until 1984.

Correction: People do visit their loved ones' graves years after they die - there's nothing in the movie that indicates how soon after Rocky's death this scene is meant to be.

Corrected entry: After Rocky dies, Rusty comes back into his room and sits on the bed, in the next shot she is on the other side of him. It actually seems like the bed is on the other side of the room.

Correction: The first shot of this scene is seen through the mirror in Rocky's room - see the corrections page, someone already commented on this.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Cher finds out that her son, played by Eric Stoltz, has died in his sleep. When you first see him curled up under the covers, he is in the right-hand corner of the room. A few camera shots later the image is reversed and he is now in the left-hand corner of the room.

Correction: The reason the room is reversed is because it is a reflection of the room in his mirror. You can see stickers at at the bottom of the mirror.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the carnival, Rusty orders a lemonade at the concession stand and does not pay for it.

Correction: Rusty does pass something (a coin?) to the lemonade stand clerk while she asks for the small lemonade.

Corrected entry: At one point toward the end of the movie, Rocky leaves the house, Gar follows him to the door, and when the door closes, he turns around and faces Rusty (Cher). In the VERY next shot, Gar is holding a beer and leaning up against the kitchen counter which is all the way across the room from the door!

Correction: You see Gar start to walk towards Rusty after he waves to Rocky and his grandparents. When the shot goes back to Rusty you can see Gar walk into the dining room and lean against the counter, while holding a beer on the far right hand side of the screen. So, this isn't a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Rocky's grandparents visit, the grandfather gives Rocky two tickets to the Dodgers game. But all three of them - grandma, grandpa, and Rocky - get in the car to go to the game and return home together that evening. What did grandma do - wait in the car?

Correction: If you look really closely there are three tickets, the third one is just hard to see.

Deliberate mistake: The mirror that made Rocky's face look normal should've made his mom's face look different, but her face stayed the same.

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Rocky Dennis: Mom. Do I look like a freak to you?
Rusty Dennis: No.
Rocky Dennis: You know, your always been big on telling me when my face doesn't matter, but, it does. Doesn't it? You think that I can't even get a girl to like me unless you pay for her.
Rusty Dennis: That's not true.
Rocky Dennis: Bullshit.
Rusty Dennis: Bullshit yourself. You know lots of young guys got problems getting girls. Well, what if I was your dad and I did the same thing?
Rocky Dennis: I'd hate that too.

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Trivia: Director Peter Bogdanovich's first choice for the part of Rocky Dennis was Anthony Michael Hall. Hall turned down the part because he didn't like the idea of hiding his face during the whole film with make-up. Eric Stoltz was then cast instead.

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Suggested correction: I don't know if you are right or wrong, but I thought Eric was given the role because he sang "Rock-y" during his audition. [I'm not really asserting that you are wrong; I had to pick that option in order to be able to reply here.].


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Question: When Rocky kisses Dianne, why is it a New Years dance if they are at summer camp?

Answer: It appears to be a party at camp. Lots of camps have special themed parties especially before the camp is over.

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