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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when the Goonies find the map in Mikey's attic, Mikey says that the Inferno was chased into the cave by the British Armada, who then sealed the entrance of the cave with cannon fire, trapping One-Eyed Willy and his crew inside. Yet near the end of the movie, Mama Fratelli sets off a trap which makes the blocked entrance of the cave crumble, and revealing the mouth. If One-Eyed Willy was able to build a trap that could do this, why didn't he just unblock the entrance and sail away to enjoy his plundered wealth, rather than stay trapped in that cave and die.

Correction: The trap only makes the anchor go up. It is the dynamite that makes the cave collapse, so Willy couldn't have gotten out on his own.

Corrected entry: When Data falls into the pit where the spikes are at the bottom, he sets off a device where a set of plastic teeth catch the roof of the pit and save him. Plastic teeth like that would not catch a spike at the top of the pit and still hold Data up.

Correction: The idea is that Data takes regular things and modifies them to work for his inventions.


Corrected entry: If all the kids entered the same water slide, how is it they exit through different holes? There is no shot showing them splitting up. In fact, in one shot, two of the kids are shown almost on top of each other when sliding down the water slide.

Correction: The fact that we don't see splits on screen doesn't mean there weren't any.


Corrected entry: At the end when Mikey empties the marble bag of Jewels into the Spanish woman's hands, she has painted nails, and then in close up, there is no nail varnish.

Correction: It is Mrs. Walsh's hand, not Rosalita's. That is why Rosalita's nails are not painted, but the hand holding the jewels is.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when the Goonies reunite with their families, Rosalita goes over to Mikey and takes off his hat and cop jacket that he was wearing and puts a blanket on him instead. In the very next shot, Mikey is still wearing the hat.

Correction: Mikey isn't even in the next shot, so we really can't see if he wears the hat or not.

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Corrected entry: The movie says that the Goonies' house is in danger because it's wanted for a golf course. But they live on a very steep and hilly street - exactly the opposite of the open, flat (if with low hills) kind of land needed for a golf course.

Correction:'ve never heard of a mountain golf course? Hills and mountains add to the difficulty. Golf courses do not require flat land.

I live in the Goondocks and you obviously haven't seen the house. No way was a golf course or anything related to one going to be put on that site. Strange they picked Uppertown but we love love love the Goonies and all the fans so no harm no foul.

Correction: They need land in order to build maintenance sheds and buildings. Maybe that is what was going on the Walsh land.

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Correction: The idea of residential demolition is almost always taking the landscape down to the base. During the 70s-80s in the US there were hundreds of thousands of flat, or mostly flat, housing developments made out of very hilly, rocky terrain. Seeing as they would more than likely need to remove all of the dug utilities and update them anyway, the demo/scaping team will be pulling up well below the water table in the entire area. This would not only flatten out enough to build a golf course/country club, but would explain the "pretty soon there won't even be a goondocks anymore" line.

Correction: Literally what a sand trap has is a big hill spot then a slope in which the sand begins. Some of the larger courses have ponds in which they have uneven hills. I mean, play Wii sports and you see hills.

Corrected entry: In the bone organ scene, before playing the last note, Andy says that she doesn't know if it's an A sharp or a B flat. On a piano or organ with the standard keyboard (and there is no reason to think that this organ uses anything else) these notes are the same and played with the same key.

Correction: That's the whole point. She'll play the correct note either way.

She wouldn't know if she played the correct note because even though she's been taking piano lessons, it's shown that she's a bit rusty.

Corrected entry: When Troy, Andy and Stef are in Troy's car, Troy tilts the mirror to look up Andy's skirt. However later when Andy and Stef sneak up on the boys outside the Lighthouse lounge, Andy says to Brand Troy was looking down her shirt.

Correction: There is absolutely no way to look up a skirt from a mirror placed above your head. He's trying to look at her cleavage.

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Correction: He actually does point the mirror at her lap.

Corrected entry: When Mikey picks up the baseball card, it shows it to be a 1970's Topps baseball card with Lou Gehrig on it. Lou Gehrig was never on a Topps baseball card. He was however featured on a 1933 Goudey card.

Correction: There most certainly was a 1973 Lou Gehrig Topps card, this is the one used in the movie

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Continuity mistake: During the jail breakout, when Jake tries to open the ORV's door, in the shot facing Francis he is holding the gun in his left hand as he tries to open the door for his brother with his right hand. In the next shot facing Jake just before shouts, "I don't have the handle, open the lock!" Francis's gloved left hand is empty, and next shot, the gun can be seen in his right hand. (00:01:45)

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Andy: I can't tell... If it's an "A sharp" or if it's a "B flat"!
Mikey: Heh, if you hit the wrong note, we'll all "B flat!"

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Trivia: When Chunk calls the police the officer mentions 'those little creatures that multiply when touched by water'. This is of course Gremlins, which was also executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Corey Feldman has a role.

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Question: Can someone please translate into English what Data says after he says "Wow!"?

Answer: He says, "He is a big strong man."

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