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Corrected entry: When Todd first lands on Arcadia 234, there is a derelict aircraft carrier shown, with its flight deck markings intact. In an environment consisting of high winds blowing sand and soil almost constantly, such markings would have long since been sandblasted off.

Correction: There is no suggestion on screen as to how long the carrier has been on the planet.


Corrected entry: The first time the small boy encounters the green snake, Todd tries to teach him how to hit it with a boot. The snake then jumps at the boy. In slow motion you can see a green rubber snake-like thing suddenly fling itself at the child ass end first (by the way, snakes can't jump). In the next shot Todd has a grip of the snake already off screen and whips it toward the boy to simulate catching it in mid air. (00:46:01)

Correction: The requirement to use slow motion invalidates this 'mistake'.

Corrected entry: When Cain arrives on the trash planet, his wounds, which Todd inflicted, are fully healed and well-scarred over, yet Todd has only been on the planet for a short period of time, not enough for the scars to appear.

Correction: As is stated in the beginning of the movie during the "demonstration" scene, these new soldiers were not born, but rather created using "DNA manipulation and gene recombination, resulting in quicker response time, better hand-eye, etc..." - It would stand to reason that these new soldiers would also heal faster, or all that extra speed and skill would be for nothing.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the new soldiers land on the planet and start their sweep, Caine launches a rocket at Todd and the man while they are running. During the explosion caused by the rocket what seems to be an airplane engine falls in the foreground and breaks in two as it hits the ground. You can see that the piece is actually made from white Styrofoam. (00:54:50)

Correction: They're on a planet which is used as a universal garbage dump. Why couldn't a dummy engine, perhaps a training aid, a redundant movie prop or part of an advertising prsentation or a theme park ride (etc etc etc) be dumped on it?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Todd is recovering on the bed just after he arrives at the planet, the wife gives him some medicine. In the bottle it is a red liquid, but in the spoon poured into his mouth is has become yellow. (00:23:30)

Correction: The liquid isn't red; it only looks red because of the dimension of the bottle and the refraction. In a much thinner bottle (or in a spoon) the liquid would look yellow because the refraction is different. This effect can be seen when she pours the liquid in the spoon: the liquid is yellow within the bottleneck.


Corrected entry: During the chain fight scene one soldier was killed (and Todd thought to have been killed) from about a 20 foot fall onto a mat. Then when Todd is in the garbage ship he is dumped from what looks to be about 30 stories down onto twisted metal, sharp objects, and all kinds of nastiness without so much as re-injuring his hurt ribs. (00:18:51)

Correction: Todd lands on top of the other dead soldiers, so he is not seriously injured.

Corrected entry: Why on earth is the hold of the garbage disposal ship pressurised with a breathable atmosphere?

Correction: One word answer: AIR. The garbage hold is filled gradually as rubbish accumulates. If it was kept in vacuum it would have to be recompressed every time someone wanted to throw something away, and all that precious air pumped out to keep it in vacuum. Not terribly wise in airless space.

Corrected entry: Why the hell are some of the new Soldiers screaming like babies when they get killed? They are supposed to be super tough and pain should be normal for them. They also show fear, for example the guy that is attacked by the snakes. A super tough, genetically enhanced, trained to be the perfect killer, ruthless Soldier, scared of a little green snake?

Correction: The supersoldiers are not worried about stealth and a scream, (the loudest sound a human voice can make) would be an excellent way to convey: a) there is something wrong over here, b)there is an enemy over here and c)I am no longer capable of taking him out because he has killed me.

Corrected entry: I guess in the year 2036 they have forgotten how to check a pulse. They throw Todd away even though he is very much still alive. The General even says that he was their best man. I guess he wasn't good enough for a 10 second pulse check. (00:16:57)

Correction: Todd was thrown away not because he was dead, but rather because he was considered obsolete. It was of no importance that he was alive or dead. he was injured, and therefore it would cost money to repair him and bieng obsolete, they did not care.

Continuity mistake: During the final fight between Cain and Todd, Todd breaks Cain's arm at the elbow and wrist. In the next shot Cain is staggering backwards as Todd winds up for another blow. You can clearly see that Cain's arm is fine and resting comfortably at his side. (01:24:13)

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Colonel Mekum: A growl? He heard a growl?
Rubrick: Well, he didn't say the word "growl." He said "a throat noise." But I asked him to imitate it and it sounded like... a growl to me.

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Trivia: When the veterans are shown leaving the ship to go and set up an outpost on Arcadia, in the foreground you can see a nameplate on some debris. It says "Lewis", from the Lewis and Clark ship in Event Horizon, another Paul WS Anderson movie.


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Question: Todd has been raised from birth to be totally emotionless. When he is thrown out of the colony, what caused him to cry?

Answer: Emotions aren't just learned. Some are inborn and can't be fully suppressed.

Greg Dwyer

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