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Bad Blake: I wanna talk about how bad you make this room look. I never knew what a dump it was until you came in here.

Bad Blake: Thought you weren't gonnashow.
Bad Blake: Son, I've played sick, drunk, divorced, and on the run. Bad Blake hasn't missed a goddamn show in his whole fucking life.

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Ted Cole: Everything in fiction is a tool: pain, betrayal, even death. These are, you know, these are like, uh, different colors on a painter's palette. You need to use them.

Ted Cole: And so the little boy was born, and he was happy. And his mommy was happy, too. Although she told the boy, at least once every day, "Don't ever, not ever, never, never, never, open the door in the floor." But of course, he was only a little boy. If you were that little boy, wouldn't you want to open that door in the floor?

Ted Cole: Everyone has mice. Mice are everywhere.

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Jack Baker: You let that guy turn us into clowns tonight. We were always small time, but we were never clowns.

Jack Baker: Frank, if somebody requested "Chopsticks," you'd ask for the sheet music.

Jack Baker: Who I fuck and who I don't fuck is none of your fucking business.

Jack Baker: What's happened to you? Have you been kissing ass so long, you're starting to like it?

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Carla Rodrigo: You told me I was going to be safe with you.
Max Klein: You're safe. You're safe because we died already.

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The Giver: Memories are not just about the past. They determine our future. You can change things. You can make things better.

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