Seabiscuit (2003)

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Seabiscuit and George Woolfe win the match race against War Admiral. Their spectacular victory cements Seabiscuit’s legacy as one of history’s greatest champions. Woolfe continues riding Seabiscuit while Red Pollard recovers, but during a race, Seabiscuit suffers a serious leg injury. He is returned to the Howard ranch to recover, but his racing career is in jeopardy. Seabiscuit and Red recuperate together, and Red is determined they will both race again. As they grow stronger, Red takes Seabiscuit for increasingly longer walks and then easy gallops. When Seabiscuit is fully recovered, Tom Smith makes a final try for the Santa Anita Handicap, the one race that has eluded them. Charles Howard refuses to let Red ride, however, fearing he may be permanently crippled or killed. George Woolfe persuades Howard that Red should be the jockey. After a bumpy break out of the starting gate, Seabiscuit makes up lost ground and catches up with the field. Red and Seabiscuit get boxed in behind the front runners, but Red spots a small opening and pushes Seabiscuit though. They burst into the lead and streak down the homestretch to victory.


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In the shot of the infield at the Saratoga racetrack several Canada geese are shown landing. However, the calls inserted on the soundtrack are the quacks of mallard ducks not the honks of Canada geese.



The saddle worn by Seabiscuit for some of his races is, in fact, the same saddle worn by Phar Lap, who was Australia's, if not the world's, greatest racehorse ever. Billy Elliot, who rode Phar Lap to victory in the Agua Caliente (the world's richest horserace at the time), gave the saddle to George Woolf after Phar Lap died (under mysterious circumstances) in California.