Corrected entry: At the start of the last race it shows the horses at the starting gate in a shot from behind with the helpers behind the race horses. Then it moves to the front of the starting gate, and if you look under the stalls you can't see the helpers' feet. (02:03:00)

Correction: This is because the helpers are standing on raised parts in the starting gate. If you look carefully there's a few birds eye views of some of the starting gates at the beginning of various races. You can see the helpers are crouching on something (presumably the raised ledges).

Corrected entry: In Red's first race after his accident (the last race in the movie) Seabiscuit is trailing behind for some time. When the camera shows him from the front he gallops across virgin turf in spite of all the other horses in front. (02:04:10)


Correction: Seabiscuit didn't run on turf, it was a dirt surfaced track. And he was running to the outside, where the other horses hadn't run.

Corrected entry: Red's parents didn't lose their money in the stock market, as the movie shows. His parents owned a brick-building company and lost their business in a flood. They ended up on the streets eventually, just not in the way the movie portrays. (It's in the book)

Correction: The movie never says Red's family was victim of the stock market, the movie just shows the family being in the same place that many other stock-market crash victims reside. To assume Red's family did lose their money by the movie's suggestion, is just that; an assumption.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Howard is talking to the reporters about a match race with War Admiral, when the camera is on him at the train station, in the sky behind him you can see jet contrails. Jets weren't invented yet in 1936 or so.

Correction: While it is true that jet engines were not yet invented at this time, piston-engined aircraft can also produce contrails. Contrails are caused by water vapour in the aircraft exhaust that freezes - what we see are simply ice crystals. There are many photos taken during during the Second World War that show contrails left by B-17 bombers as well as fighter aircraft. Therefore, while the inclusion of contrails was probably accidental, it's not entirely implausible.

Corrected entry: While Pollard is undergoing surgery in the Baltimore hospital, seated together in the waiting room are Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Tom Smith, and Seabiscuit's groom. The Howards and Smith are white, the groom is black. In 1937, Baltimore was just as segregated as any city in the Deep South. The groom would never have been allowed in the white folks' waiting room. (01:31:00)

Correction: Baltimore is in northern Maryland, not the south and it was never a segregated state.


Corrected entry: The child of Jeff Bridges and his wife in the film has brown eyes. Jeff Bridges and the actress who plays the boy's mother both have blue eyes. It's impossible for two blue-eyed people to have a brown-eyed child.

Correction: Not really. If one or both blue-eyed parents had a brown eyed ancestor, they can produce a brown eyed child. Brown is the dominant gene. My boss and her hubby did it, and I am fairly certain that since the girl looks exactly like her father with brown eyes instead of blue, that it is his daughter. ;-)


Corrected entry: When Seabiscuit transforms into a bitter horse, the voiceover mentions that his disposition had become like that of his sire, Hard Tack. Hard Tack was his dam, or mother. His sire, or father, was Man O' War.

Correction: Seabiscuit was sired by Hard Tack out of Swing On; Man O'War was Hard Tack's sire.


Corrected entry: When the family is reciting the poem "We Never Know How High We Are", it is identified as being by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It was really by Emily Dickinson.

Correction: The children think Red's father is going to read a poem by Longfellow, but he makes it clear by saying "Dickinson" right before he starts reading.


Corrected entry: Samuel D. Riddle, War Admiral's owner, scoffs about Seabiscuit's 'inferior' bloodlines. Seabiscuit's grandsire was Man O' War, who was War Admiral's sire. This made Seabiscuit and War Admiral uncle and nephew. This is hardly inferior breeding.

Correction: Although it is a fact that Seabiscuit and War Admiral were closely related, Riddle actually did laugh at what he considered to be the "inferior breeding" of Seabiscuit in real life.

Correction: The hat is the same, it just appears to be narrower toward the end because he is running on a horse, the wind will cause the hat to roll up, especially to a man's hat in the 30's that probably has worn the same hat for a very long time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elizabeth Banks and Jeff Bridges are debating whether to let Tobey Maguire ride, they are looking at the rolling ball toy and Ms. Banks says, "I never could get the damn ball to stay in the hole." Then it cuts to a shot of her holding the toy, and you can see a corner of her mouth. Then she says "Just let him ride, Charles", but her mouth does not move.

Correction: This is incorrect, her mouth moves just fine.

Corrected entry: In Red's accident scene, when the horse rears up from the tractor backfire, Red is sitting normally on the horse; that is, he is facing forward with his left foot in the left stirrup and right foot in the right stirrup. After the fall, we can see Red's foot is caught and he is being dragged. The problem is, his right foot is caught in the left stirrup. How did that happen? Better question, why? It is a difficult stunt to begin with and being dragged with the free foot behind or under the horse is just too dangerous.

Correction: It does appear that Red's right foot is in the left stirrup, however, the stirrup leathers in racing saddles are just hanging in place, and when Red and the horse fell onto their left side, the right foot did not come out of the stirrup, but the stirrup folded over the top of the saddle because his foot did not release. This is not a mistake but very likely the reason he was hurt so badly.

Corrected entry: Jeff Bridges' son is killed in a crash. When the accident scene is shown it is obvious that models are used (as opposed to real vehicles) This is also the case with many of the steam engine train shots.

Correction: If I'm not mistaken, the "models" shown in the "accident scene" when his son is killed are actually toys that his son has with him in the car, not the vehicles themselves.

Yes, it is as you can see a big spider climbing up beside the red toy truck. I never did understand why they chose to put that scene there as it does give the quick impression it's supposed to be the accident scene.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, Jeff Bridges bounces his baby boy, and asks if he will go to the moon one day. Then later, in the dinner party scene where Jeff Bridges is celebrating his good fortune, the camera lingers on an uncredited male - is it not Neil Armstrong himself?

Correction: If it is him, the appearance is not noted on the Internet Movie Database ( although his uncredited appearances in other movies are listed.

Correction: The doctor points out the two fractures, and says that's the part of the leg that hasn't healed yet, so it can be assumed that the rest of the fractures have healed up.


Corrected entry: Seabiscuit's front right leg is injured and he is brought to the Howard ranch to rehabilitate. While there Red is shown massaging Seabiscuit's front left leg to restore circulation around the injury.

Correction: Though it's true he injured his right leg, both legs were in splints. Often when a horse has injured one leg, the other will also need some therapy from having to maintain all the weight while the horse is lame and there would also be considerable stiffness from being kept up in a stall while the injury healed. Therefore, it's not unreasonable to have been massaging the left leg when the right was most seriously injured.

Corrected entry: Tom Smith gets off his horse on the once open range and walks over to what is slowly revealed to be a barbed wire fence. He inspects and touches it in a manner that implies that he has never seen anything like it. At this point in history various forms of barbed wire had been in use for about fifty years. It is unlikely that a man of Tom Smith's age and occupation would not be familiar with it.

Correction: It's not that Tom has never seen barbed wire before; he just hasn't seen it THERE. The look on his face is sadness over the fact that the "free range" is now fenced in.

Factual error: Many of the main characters are using modern-day binoculars (black, plastic) throughout the entire movie.

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Tom Smith: You know, you don't throw a whole life away just 'cause he's banged up a little.

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Trivia: The saddle worn by Seabiscuit for some of his races is, in fact, the same saddle worn by Phar Lap, who was Australia's, if not the world's, greatest racehorse ever. Billy Elliot, who rode Phar Lap to victory in the Agua Caliente (the world's richest horserace at the time), gave the saddle to George Woolf after Phar Lap died (under mysterious circumstances) in California.

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Question: I could not figure out why Red borrowed $20.00. Could someone fill me in?

Answer: Red asked for $10 because he needed to see a dentist, and Howard gave him $20.

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