The Mirror Has Two Faces

Visible crew/equipment: When Barbra Streisand is standing in front of a window in Pierce Brosnan's apartment, if you look at the part of the window to her right, you can see the reflection of a crewmember standing in a doorway, drinking from a can.


Continuity mistake: During her first dinner with Greg Rose cuts up her salad and then starts to remove pieces of radicchio. In a close-up she puts the first piece on a little plate but you can see a piece of radicchio there already.



Continuity mistake: When Rose suggests to Greg that they could have sex tonight he is so shocked that he spits his coffee across the breakfast table, but if you look closely it's only water.



Continuity mistake: When Rose looks through the window of Greg's classroom she takes off her glasses and keeps them in the right hand. In one shot the glasses dissappear but are back in the next shot.



Continuity mistake: This relates to the scene where Greg is doing crunches and Rose is helping him exercise. Greg gets a cramp in his lower right back, and Rose goes to massage his back for him. He walks to the bathroom, but instead of rubbing his lower right back, he rubs his lower left back instead.


Continuity mistake: In the last scene, when Rose and Greg kiss in the street, the car that is parked right next to them changes from a dark to a white one.



Continuity mistake: When Rose tells Greg that she still isn't over her feelings for Alex, Greg's scarf is stuck under his bow tie, but when the camera angle changes it's draped over it.



Continuity mistake: In the last kissing scene, when Pavarotti starts singing Puccini, Rose puts her hands against Greg's chest. When the camera angle changes her arms are around his neck.



Continuity mistake: When Greg's former girlfriend Candice walks up the steps to his lecture the ends of her hair are curled. When she enters the room her hair is straight.



Continuity mistake: In Greg's first classroom scene the writing on the blackboard changes between different shots. Check, for example, the way df/dx is wiped out on the board where he had written the final proof.



Revealing mistake: On their wedding night Rose and Greg watch 'Lawrence of Arabia' on video, lying in their separate beds. When the movie is over Rose comes and switches the TV off, but before she does that you see a reflection of her in the TV where she is standing there and waiting for her 'turn'.



Continuity mistake: When Rose lectures about love she moves from the podium half up the aisle in mid-sentence.



Continuity mistake: When Greg and Rose have dinner he wipes a stain from her blouse. When she gets up to go to the restroom to clean it properly, her full glass of water turns almost empty. (Greg bumps against the table when he gets up too, but that couldn't have caused it.)



Continuity mistake: When Rose and Greg leave after the church concert another man turns into the same path in front of them. The man keeps to the right, but in the next shot we see him walking on the far left.



Character mistake: When Greg and Rose are playing backgammon, Rose counts the middle of the board as a place to count when moving a piece, but the middle of the board isn't a place to count.

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