The Fabulous Baker Boys
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Susie Diamond: Oh no, not the goddamn Luau Lounge again.
Frank Baker: What's the matter with the Luau Lounge? They don't salt their peanuts?
Susie Diamond: Singing 'Feelings' knee-deep in paper orchids and plastic tiki lamps is not exactly my idea of a fun evening.
Frank Baker: Fun? Who promised you fun? We get paid, remember.

Jack Baker: You let that guy turn us into clowns tonight. We were always small time, but we were never clowns.

Jack Baker: Frank, if somebody requested "Chopsticks," you'd ask for the sheet music.

Susie Diamond: L stayed at the Hartford one time. You should see the rooms. All satin and velvet. And the bed... royal blue, trimmed in lace clean as snow. Hard to believe a room like that don't change your life. But it don't. The bed may be magic, but the mirror isn't. Still wake up the same old Susie.

Jack Baker: Who I fuck and who I don't fuck is none of your fucking business.

Jack Baker: What's happened to you? Have you been kissing ass so long, you're starting to like it?

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