Against All Odds
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Jake Wise: Look, I was a bit of an asshole. You know, I got crazy and I popped her a few times, she came after me with a knife. Just missed my balls.
Terry Brogan: And was she going for them?
Jake Wise: Don't they all?

Terry Brogan: So what is it you don't like exactly, football players, tacos, or beer?
Jessie Wyler: I like tacos and beer.

Jessie Wyler: You never found where I live, did you? I don't think anybody could. Its the prettiest place on the island. Don't leave without saying goodbye. Take the highway out of town to kilometer 19. And when you see the three Tecate cans, its the first dirt road on the right. Don't leave without saying goodbye. Don't leave without saying goodbye.

Tommy: You got problems now, Terry. You want trouble too?

Jessie Wyler: He said the only way I'd get away from him would be to kill him.

Jake Wise: It's a little dirty. But, not so dirty, you won't sleep nights.

Continuity mistake: When Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward are on the beach in the grass hut on the video version you clearly see the overhead boom mike swinging back and forth to face the character who is speaking at the moment. This continues through the whole scene.

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