The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show (1971)

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Factual error: There is a picture of Elvis in Jacy Farrow's bedroom. The film depicts a small Texas town in 1951 to 1952. Elvis' first recording was in 1953 and he did not become famous by any sense of the word before 1954.

Factual error: The movie takes place in 1951 and 1952, but Jacy's parents were driving a 1953 Cadillac convertible. Dagmars (bumper bullets) are apparent on this car and they were introduced in 1953.

Factual error: When Sonny is driving through town and looking in the pool hall and diner he passes by a car in the background that can be seen through the passenger window of the truck. The car is a late 60's Impala or Biscayne while the film is supposed to take place in the early 50s. (00:50:00)

Lois Farrow: I guess if it wasn't for Sam, I'd have missed it, whatever it is. I'd have been one of them amity types that thinks that playin' bridge is about the best thing that life has to offer.

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Trivia: Ben Johnson won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Sam the Lion, even though he's only on screen for a total of 9 minutes and 54 seconds. This is the shortest performance ever to win the award.

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