Tron (1982)

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Flynn (Bridges), Yori (Morgan) and Tron (Boxleitner) all work together to fight the MCP. Tron and Sark (Warner) duel it out, until Tron kills Sark. The MCP gives Sark more power, and he becomes larger and stronger. Flynn dives in the MCP Beam and distracts him, and then Tron throws his disc into the beam and destroys the MCP. The computer world turns back to normal and Flynn returns to the real world. Dillinger sits at his office and finds that the MCP has been destroyed and Flynn has found the evidence that he created the string of Space Paranoid Games. Flynn becomes the new boss of ENCOM.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Alan and Lora go to see Kevin Flynn at his game room they find him playing his videogame 'Space Paranoids'. After he finishes playing, he turns around to talk with Alan and Lora. As they are speaking you can see the microphone coming up from the bottom of the screen. It even hits Kevin Flynn in the hand.

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Master Control Program: Hello, Mr. Dillinger. Thanks for coming back early.
Ed Dillinger: No problem, Master C. If you've seen one consumer electronics show, you've seen them all.

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Trivia: Just after Tron pulls Flynn up onto the solar sailor, there is a shot of the landscape below. A hidden Mickey Mouse head can be seen in a nod to the Mouse House. (01:12:24)

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