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Corrected entry: After Flynn, Tron and Ram escape on their light cycles they decide to dismount them. The stick that was presented to them in the game grid to create the light cycles disappears and breaks apart when they dismount their light cycles. They even show a look of surprise when the stick breaks up. Because of this they should not be able to recreate the light cycles, yet after they drink the "power" water they are once again riding light cycles. (00:47:00 - 00:50:40)


Correction: If you've played the game "Tron 2.0", you'd understand how this works. The 'Stick' (Or Handle) is actually a subroutine that gets added to the main program. If they ever need to use the subroutine again, all they need to do is do the motion of getting onto a lightcycle and the lightcycle appears.

Corrected entry: The ship begins to "de-res" at 1/3 of the ship in 4 seconds. Then the scene cuts to Yori and Flynn. After their 35 second conversation, the ship has not "de-res-ed" any more than it was before the conversation. (01:21:20)


Correction: As a user, Flynn is keeping the ship from completely de-rezzing.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Flynn hacks the keypad and opens the giant security door, look carefully on the back of the door for a pressure handle similar to those used on Fire Exit doors. This is ridiculous. No one could physically move a metal door of that size.

Correction: It all depends on how the doors were built. The roof of the Toronto Skydome, according to the documentary on its construction, can be opened by one person pushing it.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, during the wide shot of the MCP housing exploding, Sark's carrier is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: This is because it's been de-rezzed (destroyed) and absorbed back into the MCP.

Corrected entry: During the main lightcycle sequence, there's the part where Ram and Tron kill the last blue bike by converging; this is not possible for them to do (the bikes don't even turn, just magically move closer). Also, there's no way for them to have gone through the crack in the wall at the same time (and they can't go in separately, because of the jet trails).

Correction: It most certainly is possible, as the jet walls left behind by Tron and Ram's cycles DO converge at 90 degree angles. The bikes simply turned toward each other and then parallel to each other too quickly to be seen by the naked eye. As for the crack in the wall, it is easily wide enough for both cycles to enter at the same time, since that is exactly what they do.

Phil C.

Visible crew/equipment: When Alan and Lora go to see Kevin Flynn at his game room they find him playing his videogame 'Space Paranoids'. After he finishes playing, he turns around to talk with Alan and Lora. As they are speaking you can see the microphone coming up from the bottom of the screen. It even hits Kevin Flynn in the hand.

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Ed Dillinger: What's the project you're working on?
Alan Bradley: Well, it's called Tron. It's a security program itself, actually. It monitors all contacts between our system and other systems. It finds anything going on that's not scheduled, it shuts it down. I sent you a memo on it.
Ed Dillinger: Part of the Master Control Program?
Alan Bradley: No, it'll run independently. It can watchdog the MCP as well.

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Trivia: Shortly after the lightcycles escape from the arena, we cut to Sark who is staring in anger at a blue map. On the right hand side of the map is Pac Man, complete with animation and sounds from the old arcade game.

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