Trivia: Just after Tron pulls Flynn up onto the solar sailor, there is a shot of the landscape below. A hidden Mickey Mouse head can be seen in a nod to the Mouse House. (01:12:24)

Phil C.

Trivia: Director Steven Lisberger had several arcade games scattered all around the sets. The cast and crew often had to be called away from them to return to shooting, particularly Jeff Bridges, who would often claim he was "preparing for the next scene" in order to keep playing a bit longer.

Phil C.
Tron mistake picture

Trivia: Shortly after the lightcycles escape from the arena, we cut to Sark who is staring in anger at a blue map. On the right hand side of the map is Pac Man, complete with animation and sounds from the old arcade game.

Trivia: Peter O'Toole was originally offered the part of Dillinger/Sark. He was very interested in the role, but backed out when he discovered that it would involve mostly acting against a black screen, with all the sets and backgrounds to be added digitally later on.

Phil C.

Trivia: Apparently the real reason Jeff Bridges wears a toga-like garment over his circuit suit in this film is because he produced too much of a bulge in the crotch region while wearing said suit and had to be made to look more child-friendly.

Trivia: As Alan comes into his cubicle, on the wall is a banner reading "GORT, KLAATU BARADA NIKTO", a nod to "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

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