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Soldier: I wish I could live in my dreams. Do you dream?
Jack Fate: Yeah, I dream. I dream that I'm walking through fire... Intense heat. I don't pay much attention to my dreams.

Crew Guy #1: I mean, the thing I don't get is all this race this, race that, ethnic this, ethnic that. You know what I'm saying?
Crew Guy #2: Yeah. You said the same thing last week.

Jack Fate: Some of us pursue perfection and virtue and if we're lucky, we catch up to it. But happiness can't be pursued. It either comes to your or it don't. You can always say, "if only this and if only that", but if only is a state of mind that we get into when we feel deprived.

Uncle Sweetheart: It's a bitched up world Jack, the only way to protect ourselves is by goin' mad.

Jack Fate: All of us in some way are trying to kill time. When it's all said and done, time ends up killing us.

Edmund: There will be no more stupidity. There will be no more mistakes. It's a new day. God help you all.

Uncle Sweetheart: I'm only human.
Jack Fate: I know, it ain't easy being human.

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