The Amateurs

The Amateurs (2005)


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Some Idiot: These are your penises? Andy, I can't work with this.

Otis: Who wants to get laid?

Otis: For half a dozen guys unloading on you so you look like a melted candle today we will gladly pay you on Tuesday. I don't know who's gonna go for that one.

Otis: I'm in. Except for no money, it's a no-brainer for me. First off, making a stag film has to be a good time. Number two, my hat's off to you. Good job. We can do this. Wha-what are we talking about here? Making a dirty movie - film, whatever, whatever. What does that require? Pointing a camera at a he and a she... he'in and a-she'in.

Otis: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Revealing mistake: The protagonist starts his adventure in the triple-X rated world by gathering documentation. In the opening montage it's implied that he's making many trips to the store to rent different adult movies (the clock on the wall shows a different time and he dumps the cassettes on the counter each time in a different way), but every time it is always the same cassettes; different order but always the same ones - for instance a sky colored one called "Tricks", a bright pink one called "Untouchable", etc. (00:12:00)

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