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The Sweeney picture

Character mistake: When Francis Allen is being interviewed by Reagan, Allen presents Reagan cell phone pictures of himself on a yacht to support his alibi. Allen says "the time and date are on the top of the screen, you saw that, didn't you Reagan?" and Reagan agrees. However the date is seen at the bottom of the screen, not the top.

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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three picture

Character mistake: When the hijackers separate the lead car and back the rest of the train away, the conductor says in amazement, "I didn't know these things went backwards." Any subway conductor would know that trains run in either direction. Most trains relay (reverse direction) at their terminus, and any subway train can be operated from either end.


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The Sting picture

Character mistake: At Duke Boudreau's bar, the potential recruits for the sting are told, "Gondorff is setting up a con on the North side". Later in the film, Agent Polk tells Lt. Snyder, "Gondorff is running a con on the South side". The actual address for the betting hall is not given, but it is just down the alley from Klein's, which does have a South side address.

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Cruella picture

Character mistake: Whenever Catherine visits the Baroness with young Estella, before she gets murdered, she asks the Baroness for money so that her and Estella could start a new life. Since Estella is being spoken about, the Baroness is aware of her at this point. However, later on in the movie, the Baroness questions John, "What did you think I meant when I said take care of the problem?!" Implying she thought Estella had already been killed when she was a baby.

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The Gourmet Detective picture

Character mistake: During their bickering about the coffee, the idea is that the officers just drank some coffee made from beans coming from excrements of rhesus macaque. That's how the civet coffee is made; macaques merely chew and spit the beans, they do not 'process' them (that'd be the kopi luwak that he references immediately after). (00:27:00)

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S.W.A.T. picture

Character mistake: The two fake cops that hit the prisoner transport bus used a suppressed Beretta 92FS and a TEC-DC9. At the press conference, Capt. Fuller says that they used AK-47s.

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Super Troopers picture

Character mistake: When Ramathorn and Farva pullover the Plymouth Voyager, Ramathorn radios in and says they have a Plymouth Voyager, Vermont plates Alpha, God, Mustard, 1, niner, decade, china. When Farva gets out of the car to call the driver a chicken f**ker, you can see the licence plate, Vermont plate '1 9415'. Ramathorn radioed in the wrong licence plate number.

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Silent Rage picture

Character mistake: During the surgery, one of the surgeons says to give the patient 25 cc's of cyatril. Then one says make it 35 cc's. 35 cc's (or 35 mL) is a full large syringe. The other doctor uses what looks like a 3 mL syringe and it's only partly filled. It seems the surgeons wanted 0.35 cc's.


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Daphne & Velma picture

Character mistake: Daphne's mother is the one who pressed her husband to tell her the truth, but she is cheering when he says about the basketball anecdote that it was 'real', when later he corrects himself saying "real-ly me, disguised as a mascot." (00:17:25)

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The Art of Self-Defense picture

Character mistake: Casey is sixth of six male students standing in a row to individually demonstrate a karate move for Sensei. After the fourth student, Sensei passes up student #5 and says, "Next. Casey." Sensei completely missed the fifth student, the only other beginning white belt like Casey. (00:28:45 - 00:29:10)


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Saw V picture

Character mistake: When Erickson is telling Strahm that he no longer has any jurisdiction over the Jigsaw case, he mentions that over a dozen dead bodies were recovered at the meat packing plant, including two cops. There were in fact only 10 dead bodies: Danica Scott, Judge Halden, Timothy Young, Jeff Denlon, Lynn Denlon, Jigsaw, Amanda, Art Blank, Officer Rigg, and Detective Matthews. (00:20:28)

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Guys and Dolls picture

Character mistake: Sarah after speaking to Sky when they come back from Havana and the thugs leave from playing the crap game she goes in the Mission she reaches for the light string to turn off the light she doesn't ever get the string in her hand but the light goes off.

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Security picture

Character mistake: When we see the relative positions Eddie and Johnny have, Eddie appears to be the one that should have done the signaling to the patrol car instead. (00:55:40)

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The Clovehitch Killer picture

Character mistake: Despite it being the writer's creative imagination to have 16-year-old son Tyler kill his serial killer father, Don Burnside, Tyler was reared in what can be considered a highly religious Christian family. Due to his religious, family - and community - oriented upbringing, Tyler undoubtedly was well aware of the Ten Commandments, so suddenly violating at least three (i.e, "Thou shalt not kill", "Honor thy father" and "Though shalt not lie") is too far-fetched. Trusting Kassi also wasn't rational.


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Suggested correction: This is in no way a mistake. This is you thinking a character should act differently. Plus, the rifle Tyler had hadn't been loaded, and he only killed his father after his father attempted to shoot him with the unloaded rifle. Plus, your mistake suggests Don would never have committed any crimes in the first place.


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Batman picture

Character mistake: The newspaper that reveals the combination of products that activates the Joker's poison has at least two grammar mistakes on the front page. The word "deodorant's" should not have had an apostrophe, and the word odoreaters was spelled "odoureaters," which has the British spelling of the word odor (Gotham City is obviously in the United States, not the UK). (01:17:10)


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So I Married an Axe Murderer picture

Character mistake: Tony, as a cop, should've known to cuff Rose's hands behind her back. He also apparently doesn't cuff Harriet properly as she's left outside with them dangling from one wrist.


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The Nice Guys picture

Character mistake: Twice over in the movie (when Healy wakes up and when March at the end of the movie drives to his place) billboards for The Comedy Store appear. The program of the evening features comedians such as Tim Allen, Richard Lewis, Robert Klein and "Elaine Boosler." So they misspelled Elayne Boosler's name. (00:10:50 - 01:48:35)

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The Last House on the Left picture

Character mistake: After Fred wakes up and spots Mrs. Collingwood, he comments about how she's up late. Yet the sun has been up long enough for her and her husband to find and bring back Mari's body.

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House of Gucci picture

Character mistake: Aldo tells Rodolfo to reconcile with his son, saying "Sunday is my birthday." Aldo Gucci was born on May 26th, which was not a Sunday in 1980 nor 1981, which is when the scene would take place. (00:31:30)

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