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Hackers picture

Character mistake: When The Plague starts talking at the meeting and comes up with the story about a hacker planting the virus, he first says that an "unknown intruder" was the one who broke in, but only minutes later says that the cops picked up him already. (00:34:40)


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The Silencing picture

Character mistake: The new sheriff ("Alice") told Rayburn that she has only been sheriff for a couple months and was still catching up on active cases. Rayburn replied, "Yeah, my daughter's case is far from active." The sheriff then told Rayburn, "My training is very different from the officers around here" - meaning college-educated (Ivy League?), more professional, more effective, and modern. Despite this, some of the sheriff's actions (e.g, walking unannounced into suspects' houses and/or without a proper warrant; questionable "probable cause"; shooting Rayburn to protect her brother) fell far short of the ideal. Perhaps most significantly, the sheriff gave Rayburn a warning shot and told him not to kill Dr. Boone... then she stood back and merely watched Rayburn push Dr. Boone into the pitfall and close the doors while knowing the doctor was severely injured and dying. These things do not show her purported superior training. (00:21:43 - 01:25:34)


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House of Gucci picture

Character mistake: Aldo tells Rodolfo to reconcile with his son, saying "Sunday is my birthday." Aldo Gucci was born on May 26th, which was not a Sunday in 1980 nor 1981, which is when the scene would take place. (00:31:30)

Sammo Premium member

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The Clovehitch Killer picture

Character mistake: Despite it being the writer's creative imagination to have 16-year-old son Tyler kill his serial killer father, Don Burnside, Tyler was reared in what can be considered a highly religious Christian family. Due to his religious, family - and community - oriented upbringing, Tyler undoubtedly was well aware of the Ten Commandments, so suddenly violating at least three (i.e, "Thou shalt not kill", "Honor thy father" and "Though shalt not lie") is too far-fetched. Trusting Kassi also wasn't rational.


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Suggested correction: This is in no way a mistake. This is you thinking a character should act differently. Plus, the rifle Tyler had hadn't been loaded, and he only killed his father after his father attempted to shoot him with the unloaded rifle. Plus, your mistake suggests Don would never have committed any crimes in the first place.


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Dead Man Down picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Beatrice looks at the newspaper clipping about her accident. The word "sentence" is misspelled "sentance" (00:24:35)

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Happy Face Killer picture

Character mistake: When Jesperson imagines himself as a Mountie his uniform is completely wrong and is not even the right colour. As it was his ambition to join the force and he has photos of RCMP officers in his cab, it seems unlikely that he would imagine himself in a completely incorrect uniform.


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Suggested correction: It's not a character mistake, for the reasons stated; it's a clear factual error from the filmmakers.


It's a character mistake since it's his imagination and, as you stated, it's not something the character would get wrong.


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Magnum Force picture

Character mistake: When Harry walks up to look in the car which Ricca and his men were shot in, he places his hands on the driver's side and back seat passenger's side window sill, while the crime scene is being investigated. No senior Inspector like Harry would do this. (00:09:40)


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The Book of Henry picture

Character mistake: Although Henry borrowed two books on crime scene investigation from the used book store, he obviously did not learn enough, especially about forensic science. For example, shooting from the tree house could be determined by the location/slant of the bullet in Glenn's head/body, and cutting off tree branches that would obstruct the line of fire could be evidence of pre-meditation. Henry may have thought he planned the perfect murder, but it was far from that. (00:30:30)


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Along Came a Spider picture

Character mistake: Cross knows (for some reason) by memory the last words of the Lindbergh kid kidnapper (and killer) and that Soneji/Mercusio referenced in a book he finds in amazingly oblique ways. He calls him "Richard Bruno Hauptmann", while his name was actually Bruno Richard Hauptmann. (00:42:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Blind Fear picture

Character mistake: Despite being blind, Erika Breen's able to locate light switches and door knobs throughout the movie without feeling for them like a blind person would do.


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Spiral: From the Book of Saw picture

Character mistake: Zeke makes the bold claim that "John Kramer didn't target cops." This is completely and utterly false, and a cop like him should know better. Kramer repeatedly targeted cops. In fact, both "Saw II" and "Saw IV" have officers (Detective Mathews and SWAT Commander Rigg) as Kramer's main target.


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And Then There Were None picture

Character mistake: Blore accuses Lombard saying "What about those 21 poor natives in South Africa?" The record played during the first evening mentioned indeed 21 men, but that were natives of a tribe in East Africa. (00:14:20 - 01:10:10)

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The Maltese Falcon picture

Character mistake: When Spade leaves Brigid in her hotel room, he says he will buzz her buzzer long-short-long-short, so she will know it's him. When he does return, he only buzzes long-short.


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Fargo picture

Character mistake: When Jerry and Scotty are talking in Scotty's bedroom, after his Mom's kidnapping, there is a poster behind Scotty's door. The poster says "Accordian King" but should have been spelled, "Accordion King."


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La Confidential picture

Character mistake: White says Exley's father died in the line of duty. Exley said he was off duty when he was shot, and he didn't correct him.


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Home Alone 3 picture

Character mistake: When Jernigan chases the car, he tells the team, "It's heading south on Adams." The toy car then turns left, which means that the car should be heading east. However, Jernigan tells the team that the car is headed west.

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Breaking News in Yuba County picture

Character mistake: After banker Karl was reported missing from his home, the police detective did not even think to locate his car - which he could have merely driven away in (meaning he was not kidnapped).


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Double Jeopardy picture

Character mistake: When Tommy Lee Jones is attacked by one of the other women in the halfway house as she's being arrested, he calls her "Libby."

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Suggested correction: Jones actually says "Ruby" several times during their skirmish. I watched this scene on Netflix and both the spoken dialogue and the closed captions say "Ruby."

raywest Premium member

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Green Street Hooligans picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the film, Matt arrives at Paddington station in West London. He needs to meet his sister who lives in Chelsea - also in West London. However, for some bizarre reason he gets to her via meeting at Bank station - in east London. It makes no sense why he would make such a convoluted journey. Even if as a tourist he simply doesn't know London well enough to make a more efficient journey, his sister - who lives there - would correct him when arranging a meeting point.


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Appointment With Death picture

Character mistake: On the way to Jerusalem, Poirot says that "that man, Weizmann, put it rather well the other day, before Lord Peel's commission", and gives a famous quote about the world being divided in 'two places' for the Jews (those where they are not allowed to live, and those they cannot enter). The movie takes place in May 1937, and Chaim Weizmann's quote is from November of the previous year. 6 months are hardly "the other day."

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