Best crime movie character mistakes of 2021

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Character mistake: During the planning stage, the Virtuoso said (narrating), "You have to hit a two-inch moving target on a car going 60-plus miles per hour from 50 yards away." He was watching the CEO drive past the window to where he parks in front of his business. The CEO was shown taking a sharp turn at the intersection and squealing his tires, but the location was inner-city with short blocks and traffic lights. Downtown busy streets with pedestrians do not allow (or enable) drivers to reach high speeds. (00:10:30)


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Character mistake: Whenever Catherine visits the Baroness with young Estella, before she gets murdered, she asks the Baroness for money so that her and Estella could start a new life. Since Estella is being spoken about, the Baroness is aware of her at this point. However, later on in the movie, the Baroness questions John, "What did you think I meant when I said take care of the problem?!" Implying she thought Estella had already been killed when she was a baby.

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Breaking News in Yuba County picture

Character mistake: After banker Karl was reported missing from his home, the police detective did not even think to locate his car - which he could have merely driven away in (meaning he was not kidnapped).


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Character mistake: Aldo tells Rodolfo to reconcile with his son, saying "Sunday is my birthday." Aldo Gucci was born on May 26th, which was not a Sunday in 1980 nor 1981, which is when the scene would take place. (00:31:30)

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