Best crime movie character mistakes of 2001

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The Fast and the Furious picture

Character mistake: In the opening scenes when Brian goes back to the shop, he demands that he needs some nitrous to boost his low top speed. Well I'm sure that most tuners will agree that more horsepower doesn't equal more top speed, it only contributes IF you have a transmission that can handle it and distribute it. (00:09:53)

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Along Came a Spider picture

Character mistake: Cross knows (for some reason) by memory the last words of the Lindbergh kid kidnapper (and killer) and that Soneji/Mercusio referenced in a book he finds in amazingly oblique ways. He calls him "Richard Bruno Hauptmann", while his name was actually Bruno Richard Hauptmann. (00:42:30)

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Training Day picture

Character mistake: At end when Jake has the 1911 single action automatic covering Alonzo, it is not cocked. Since the 1911 is single action, he can't fire it until he cocks it which he does just before he shoots him in the butt. Makes no sense not to have it cocked the whole time he has it trained on Alonzo.

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Super Troopers picture

Character mistake: When Ramathorn and Farva pullover the Plymouth Voyager, Ramathorn radios in and says they have a Plymouth Voyager, Vermont plates Alpha, God, Mustard, 1, niner, decade, china. When Farva gets out of the car to call the driver a chicken f**ker, you can see the licence plate, Vermont plate '1 9415'. Ramathorn radioed in the wrong licence plate number.

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