Along Came a Spider

Character mistake: Amongst the material collected about Cross in Jezzie's computer, there's a big magazine article related to the case of the previous movie "Kiss the Girls." The article writes in a huge font the title "The CASSANOVA killer." Not a very good magazine, misspelling Casanova like that. Incidentally, her notes also get the word "Temperament" wrong, missing the 'a', and she has a folder called "Dimitiri", getting the name of the Russian kid wrong. (01:28:30)

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Character mistake: The computer technician sitting at Megan's desk is "scoping" (her software is in "scoping mode"!) the GIFs the kids have been using to exchange information. Telling Cross what the name means, she says it stands for "Graphics Interchange Formats", while it is Graphics Interchange Format, no S. She also talks about "billions of 0s and 1s" making each image, which would mean billions of bits, which would mean the kids are casually exchanging 100 MB gifs, which are not so likely nowadays, and even less in 2001. (00:31:55)

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Character mistake: Cross knows (for some reason) by memory the last words of the Lindbergh kid kidnapper (and killer) and that Soneji/Mercusio referenced in a book he finds in amazingly oblique ways. He calls him "Richard Bruno Hauptmann", while his name was actually Bruno Richard Hauptmann. (00:42:30)

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Revealing mistake: After the woman is strangled and the people come in trying to find the little kid, the dead woman is clearly seen blinking. (00:11:25)

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Gary Soneji: I am living proof that a mind is a terrible thing.

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Trivia: After Morgan Freeman shoots the guy with the shotgun, the next scene is outside with the news crew and you will see Morgan Freeman walk by the camera dressed up with dreadlocks and cap and keeps looking at the camera. It's Morgan Freeman playing an extra.

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Suggested correction: I agree, it's definitely not Morgan Freeman. If you're talking about the guy in the red knit cap and what looks like a red sweater vest, he doesn't have a mustache and his nose is completely different from Freeman's nose looks like in profile. Without any confirmation from someone from the film (such as a director's commentary) or further evidence, this isn't valid trivia.


Suggested correction: Wow, I find pretty extraordinary that this cameo is not mentioned anywhere else. The guy does look like Morgan Freeman (I am adding a screenshot to the entry), and is not seen anywhere else in the scene, nor Freeman is in the wide shot, so I can't say the entry is false, I just find it quite strange since usually this sort of humorous bit roles get mentioned a lot. Kudos for noticing.

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Question: How did Meghan get from the boat to the house?

Answer: There is a man in the house who brings Meghan some food to eat. I think he was the one who took her there.

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