Kiss the Girls

Continuity mistake: Morgan Freeman falls in a water hole while chasing the bad guy. In the next scene his shirt is completely dry again.

Plot hole: In the scene where Ashley Judd runs away from her attacker and falls into her aquarium he has moved to the bottom of the stairs - there is NO way he would have been able to move that full fish tank. It looked to be about a 30 gallon tank - it would weigh about 400 pounds with the stand and even if he slid it with some superhuman strength, glass tanks are notorious for shattering when you move them full. Plus it would've made enough noise to wake the dead - no way she wouldn't have heard it.

Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd has just handcuffed the bad guy to the stove, Morgan Freeman walks in and has the little talk with the bad guy why not to light the lighter and blow up the room. Just when Morgan Freeman shoots the bad guy in the head, the bad guy flies back with BOTH arms visibly flying backwards. In the next shot with the bad guy dead, his hand is once again handcuffed to the stove. (01:50:30)

Continuity mistake: when Ashley Judd is working on the 8 year old girl thrown from the motorcycle she is wearing goggles. They go from over the skull cap to underneath it in different shots.

Other mistake: When Ashley Judd is being chased by the killer she runs downstairs and hits her aquarium. In the first shot you see her turn her back and hit the aquarium, in the next shot you see her hit it with her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: While chasing the bad guy, Morgan Freeman falls through a water hole, droping his gun. In the next scene he climbs out of the hole with his gun in its holster.

Continuity mistake: When Morgan Freeman is at the basketball street court watching some guys playing, the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Kate is making airline reservations for her and Alex back to North Carolina, and Alex tells her to hang the phone up, Kate's hand disappears from the receiver between shots. (01:15:15)

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