Kiss the Girls

Other mistake: When Ashley Judd is being chased by the killer she runs downstairs and hits her aquarium. In the first shot you see her turn her back and hit the aquarium, in the next shot you see her hit it with her shoulder.

Other mistake: The ambulance that picks up Jeremy Piven is from Santa Barbara, CA when the movie takes place in North Carolina. (01:13:23)

Other mistake: In the Italian dub, Dr. McTiernan talks to the two Chinese women with both of them speaking the language, making the dialogue quite paradoxical (since the point of the scene is that the older woman speaks only Chinese and the other has to act as translator). Not just that, but she introduces herself as Dr. "McTiernenson", for the one and only time in the movie. (00:21:10)

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Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd has just handcuffed the bad guy to the stove, Morgan Freeman walks in and has the little talk with the bad guy why not to light the lighter and blow up the room. Just when Morgan Freeman shoots the bad guy in the head, the bad guy flies back with BOTH arms visibly flying backwards. In the next shot with the bad guy dead, his hand is once again handcuffed to the stove. (01:50:30)

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Kyle Craig: This guy's Houdini squared.

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Answer: Unfortunately, a functioning psychopath might be able to pass a basic psych evaluation. There are several real life examples of serial killer policemen.


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