Kiss the Girls
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Casanova: Face it Will, I'm your mentor. And you're the bad seed.

Dianne Wainford: What sort of policeman are you?
Alex Cross: I'm a forensic psychologist. It's a fancy way of saying I'm a guy who walks into a room like that and determines the hows and whys.

Kyle Craig: This guy's Houdini squared.

John Sampson: Well, this is a surprise.
Alex Cross: Time was surprises made you giddy, John. What's the matter?
John Sampson: Look, we're out on a limb here. Now, I've pulled every string. I've called in ten years of favors to get those cars and equipment. This thing has got to go as smooth as silk or we are both fucked.

Alex Cross: Gone in the night.
Kate McTiernan: At least now the FBI know who they're looking for. How far can he run?
Alex Cross: It's not a question of how far. It's how long.

Alex Cross: What about cause of death?
Kyle Craig: There are no signs of torture, no weight loss, no drugging. He just ties 'em up and leaves 'em for the critters.
Alex Cross: A real student of the game.
Kyle Craig: And he likes to play.

Continuity mistake: Morgan Freeman falls in a water hole while chasing the bad guy. In the next scene his shirt is completely dry again.

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