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Corrected entry: In the very end Morgan Freeman has to shoot the bad guy through the milk carton because the room is filled with gas and he doesn't want his fired bullet to cause an explosion by igniting the gas. But there still would be an explosion from the bullet being fired from within the chamber - how d'you think bullets are propelled, air?

Correction: A revolver with a center fire cartridge has an internal detonation, therefore the only spark or fire WILL be out of the barrel. There will be no side fire such as on a flint lock or a cap and ball. When Morgan fired through the milk carton, it would have worked just as they showed it, although I would not want to be the test dummy.

Correction: First of all, all revolver handguns have a gap between the cylinder and the barrel, where very hot explosive gases escape - not only at the muzzle (never place your hand over the cylinder when you fire the revolver, or depending on the power of the cartridge, you may actually blow a finger or two off). Secondly, and fortunately for the story, Freeman is not shooting a revolver, but rather a semi-auto pistol, which does not release a flash of explosive gas except at the muzzle.

Corrected entry: In "Kiss the Girls", in the scene where Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd are in the woods toward the end looking for Casanova's hideout, there is a shot where the camera rotates around Ashley Judd. In the background , you can see one of the crew wearing a yellow raincoat, though they are supposed to be alone in the woods.

Correction: This is not a memeber of the crew and they did not go out alone that time, the person you see is Seth, Naomi's boyfriend, he is also in the scene behind Ashley Judd when shots were fired in the woods after Morgan Freeman's character comes running from the hideout chasing the Cassanova and the Gentlemen.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Casanova is sending the picture of Ashley Judd lying on the bed to his partner in crime, she is wearing a sweater in the picture. She was not wearing a sweater before the picture was taken and sent, and when you see Ashley Judd again in the room, she is not wearing the sweater either.

Correction: She is also tied up in the picture being sent, and is not tied up when she wakens and puts on the sweater. This tells us that it's probably a completely different day. Since Cassanova 'takes care' of the girls, there's no reason he couldn't have put the sweater on her if it was cold, and taken it off her again later. Or she might have taken it off herself to sleep (in a scene not shown or even filmed), then we see her wake up and put it back on. We don't know how much time passes between the scenes.

Corrected entry: How does Ashley Judd recognize the man in California as the one who kidnapped her when the man in North Carolina is the one who actually did it?

Correction: The two killers are partners and the one in California is something like the other's pupil. Kate never saw her kidnapper's face and said by herself, that she would know him by the way he moves and so on. If Dr. Rudolph is imitating his "teacher" it is not really astonishing that she thought, he was the killer.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, an overhead shot shows Freeman's Porsche on the interstate as he goes to Duke University to investigate. Duke is in Durham, NC. If you know the area, you'll notice that when he approaches the exits and must take one, he takes the exit to Raleigh, NC, however, and not to Durham.

Correction: Coming from the north, you could take a Raleigh exit and get to Duke University by driving through town.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie the bad guy tells Morgan Freeman's character to take his Glock and shoot him. Morgans gun is a Sig Sauer, not a Glock.

Correction: Not everyone is a gun expert. The character might have simply mistaken it for a Glock. This is a character's mistake.

Correction: In this movie, the "bad guy" is a cop. While not everyone is a gun expert, I'd say that most cops can easily distinguish the very different looking muzzle end of a Glock pistol (flat and blocky) from nearly all other pistols - in this case, a Sig Sauer P226 with a traditionally rounded and undercut slide.

Plot hole: In the scene where Ashley Judd runs away from her attacker and falls into her aquarium he has moved to the bottom of the stairs - there is no way he would have been able to move that full fish tank. It looked to be about a 30 gallon tank - it would weigh about 400 pounds with the stand and even if he slid it with some superhuman strength, glass tanks are notorious for shattering when you move them full. Plus it would've made enough noise to wake the dead - no way she wouldn't have heard it.

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Kyle Craig: This guy's Houdini squared.

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Question: What song is playing when the killer is putting on make-up and dancing around in his silk robe?

Answer: I think you're talking about 'Silence of the Lambs,' not Kiss the Girls. The song is 'Goodbye Horses' by Psyche.

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