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"Kiss the girls" feels like a conventional thriller, but the magnetism, if not the performance itself, by Morgan Freeman manages to prevent it to completely fall apart, with enough credibility to spare to spark some interest for a sequel/franchise. I am not familiar with the original novel, but they tend to be thoroughly disregarded in their cinematic adaptation, so I am just going by what transpires here. The plot is quite frankly, uninteresting, forced and formulaic. As a mystery gives no real clue about the culprit's identity and plenty reasons to contradict it, complete with utter cheating (such as showing him in the crowd when he couldn't be, and use a different voice actor). The only part to salvage might be the premise of the victim who escapes and gets (in unlikely and underdeveloped way) past her PTS to help capture 'him'. Photography is pretty solid, direction is uninspired and with several blunders. Performances are solid, and it is definitely watchable.

The best part about this movie is that it's not its sequel.


Plot hole: In the scene where Ashley Judd runs away from her attacker and falls into her aquarium he has moved to the bottom of the stairs - there is no way he would have been able to move that full fish tank. It looked to be about a 30 gallon tank - it would weigh about 400 pounds with the stand and even if he slid it with some superhuman strength, glass tanks are notorious for shattering when you move them full. Plus it would've made enough noise to wake the dead - no way she wouldn't have heard it.

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Casanova: Face it Will, I'm your mentor. And you're the bad seed.

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