Kiss the Girls

Revealing mistake: In the locker of the Gentleman Caller there are multiple newspaper clippings. When Cross looks at the one talking about his niece, it just does not talk about his niece. The clipping is on camera long enough to be able to read without freeze frame, and it's talking about things like police brutality and apartheid (actual word used), entirely unrelated to the fake headline and picture caption. (01:18:00)

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Continuity mistake: Morgan Freeman falls in a water hole while chasing the bad guy. In the next scene his shirt is completely dry again.

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Kyle Craig: This guy's Houdini squared.

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Question: Given they probably do psych evaluations before people become cops how did Casanova slip in?


Answer: Unfortunately, a functioning psychopath might be able to pass a basic psych evaluation. There are several real life examples of serial killer policemen.

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