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Kiss the Girls (1997)

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Continuity mistake: Cross is at the police station, enraged by the premature arrest. Kyle says "Alex, not all", and hands him a folder. The folder is turned in opposite directions between shots. (01:20:45)

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Continuity mistake: Cross and Kate are in the woods, and discussing the bicoastal nature of the serial killer. Ashley Judd's hair changes position in front of her shoulders several times between shots. (01:00:45)

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Continuity mistake: Kate approaches the door of her cell and begins shouting; her hands by the slit change position between shots, multiple times. (00:39:15)

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Continuity mistake: Talking with the feds about the case, Cross says "This guy's a collector." Kyle Craig in the background goes from holding a pad to a folder, and then closes it multiple times when it was closed to begin with. (00:24:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Cross is calming May down and promising he'll deal with the disappearance of Naomi himself, Morgan Freeman's hands keep changing position on her face between shots. (00:09:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Naomi's boyfriend tosses the basketball against another player to provoke them, the guy on the bleachers on the right changes position between shots. (00:30:40)

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Plot hole: Given that police departments, the FBI, and the CIA do intense screening of potential candidates how did Casanova slip between the cracks? He's clever but surely somebody would've noticed something.


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Suggested correction: In truth, there have been plenty of real life corrupt cops, and even cops that were secretly serial killers. If they managed to slip through the cracks, then it's not outside of the realm of possibility that Casanova was able to, too. So this is definitely not a mistake.


Casanova: Face it Will, I'm your mentor. And you're the bad seed.

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Question: What song is playing when the killer is putting on make-up and dancing around in his silk robe?

Answer: I think you're talking about 'Silence of the Lambs,' not Kiss the Girls. The song is 'Goodbye Horses' by Psyche.

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