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Save the Last Dance picture

Character mistake: During the movie's opening credits, Sara is shown auditioning for Juilliard, which is misspelled as "Julliard" on a sign outside the room where the audition is occurring.

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The Fast and the Furious picture

Character mistake: In the opening scenes when Brian goes back to the shop, he demands that he needs some nitrous to boost his low top speed. Well I'm sure that most tuners will agree that more horsepower doesn't equal more top speed, it only contributes IF you have a transmission that can handle it and distribute it. (00:09:53)

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone picture

Character mistake: When Wood is telling Harry the rules of Quidditch he says that if you catch the Snitch the game is over, which is true. But then he also says that which ever seeker catches the snitch, their team wins, but that isn't true. Granted that the 150 extra points probably would give you the winning lead, but as JKR pointed out in the 4th book at the Quidditch World Cup, you can catch the Snitch but lose the match. And you'd think explaining the rules to a first-timer you would want to get it right. (01:05:40)

troy fox

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See Spot Run picture

Character mistake: At the FBI facility, Agent 11's handler buckles the collar on the dog's neck. Later, when Gordon has put the collar on and tries to get it off, he's trying to pry it off. He just buckled it on not two minutes earlier. He's stupid, but not that stupid.

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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius picture

Character mistake: When Jimmy explains to the kids of the town where the aliens took their parents, he mentions the origin of the aliens being somewhere in the Orion Star System, 3 million light years away. The Orion system is way closer than that. It is actually less than 1400 light years away from Earth. 3 million light years away would place them further than the Andromeda Galaxy.

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Suggested correction: This shouldn't be a character mistake. A genius like Jimmy would know something like this. It's basic astronomy.

That's exactly why it's a character mistake. A character mistake is when a character does or says something that they shouldn't based on who/what they are suppose to be, or something a character wrongly states as fact when they should know better.


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The Last Castle picture

Character mistake: When Col. Winter has Yates brought in to see him, Yates tells the colonel that his father won the "Congressional" Medal of Honor. This is a mistake, and one a lot of people make. The award is correctly and simply called the Medal of Honor, and one doesn't "win" the medal, it's awarded. (01:21:10)

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Pearl Harbor picture

Character mistake: When threatening Evelyn with jail, the Army Signals officer says "Brig" which would be a Navy jail. In the Army the appropriate threat of incarceration would be the stockade.


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Along Came a Spider picture

Character mistake: Amongst the material collected about Cross in Jezzie's computer, there's a big magazine article related to the case of the previous movie "Kiss the Girls." The article writes in a huge font the title "The CASSANOVA killer." Not a very good magazine, misspelling Casanova like that. Incidentally, her notes also get the word "Temperament" wrong, missing the 'a', and she has a folder called "Dimitiri", getting the name of the Russian kid wrong. (01:28:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Iris picture

Character mistake: Near the end, Iris's doctor attempts to take John's pulse. He has his hand wrapped around John's hand, his fingers nowhere near the top of the wrist, where the artery is; and as he counts the "beats", against his wristwatch, John talks to him and he talks back - when you are counting something, you can not talk at the same time; you lose count every time.


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Evolution picture

Character mistake: The acronym USGS (United States Geological Survey) is stated correctly at the beginning of the film, however, upon arriving at the military outpost, Dr Block says "United States Geological Society", not 'Survey'.


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Pokemon 4Ever picture

Character mistake: When they find a Suicine, they ask Oak and he says it's a Swecon.

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Enigma picture

Character mistake: According to Alan Turing, Enigma has "150 million million million" starting positions (1.5 x 10^20), while Shark has "4 thousand million billion", or 4 x 10^18). So Shark, the "ultimate refinement" of Enigma, has FEWER starting positions? (00:10:25)

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Training Day picture

Character mistake: At end when Jake has the 1911 single action automatic covering Alonzo, it is not cocked. Since the 1911 is single action, he can't fire it until he cocks it which he does just before he shoots him in the butt. Makes no sense not to have it cocked the whole time he has it trained on Alonzo.

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Super Troopers picture

Character mistake: When Ramathorn and Farva pullover the Plymouth Voyager, Ramathorn radios in and says they have a Plymouth Voyager, Vermont plates Alpha, God, Mustard, 1, niner, decade, china. When Farva gets out of the car to call the driver a chicken f**ker, you can see the licence plate, Vermont plate '1 9415'. Ramathorn radioed in the wrong licence plate number.

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