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Corrected entry: It is highly unlikely that government branches of the CDC and Military would be so lax on the security, protocols and enforcement of containment for what is perceived to be an alien life form to allow as many of the mishaps to occur throughout the film.


Correction: This is a comedy film and as such, the government agents and agencies are depicted as being incompetent in several areas for comedic effect. If it's a plot hole here then it's a plot hole in every comedy film that shows a bumbling police officer.


Corrected entry: In the movie, they use "Head and Shoulders" as the key ingredient for the defeat of the aliens, being as "Head and Shoulders" key ingredient was selenium. "Head and Shoulders" does not contain any selenium.

Correction: Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment formula does in fact have selenium sulfide as the active ingredient.


Corrected entry: When the team goes into the cavern to douse the alien with Head and Shoulders shampoo, they drag the firehose very far into the cave. They then have to quickly run out and it is easy to see that they have left the firehose rolled into the cave. When they drive away, the firehose is not seen dragging behind them and when they are ready to use the firehose in the final scene, it is magically coiled on the back of the truck waiting for them. (01:26:34)

Correction: The first fire hose comes from the back of the truck, the one they use for the final scene comes from the top front of the truck. They are not the same hose.

Corrected entry: Durring the final scene where the three scientists are doing the Head and Shoulders commercial, if you look at Orlando Jones when they all pull out bottles of Head and Shoulders, you can see that he showed the wrong side of the bottle. (01:36:05)

Correction: That scene sure looked to be intentional to me. I Thought it was quite funny.

Corrected entry: Evolution takes place in Arizona over Thanksgiving break, and it's obviously cold since the trees are bare and you can see the actors' breaths in many scenes. But why is Seann William Scott picking up towels poolside and people in bathing suits are sitting around the pool? Is it cold enough to see your breath but still warm enough to sunbathe?

Correction: Arizona really doesn't get that cold, rarely below 60 degrees in November (unless you're in the mountains, which they're not). A lot of out-of-towners (such as ones staying at the resort), don't tend to find it that cold and sunbathe well into December.

Corrected entry: During one of the final scenes in a laboratory, some of the characters are talking about finding 500 gallons of selenium to help stop this evolution. When they ask, "Where are we going to find 500 gallons of Selenium at 2 o'clock in the morning?" there is sunlight coming through the trees outside the window. (01:20:52)

Correction: The light looks quite artificial, it could easily be a security light.

Corrected entry: When the green dragon is flying through the shopping market, you would expect people to be running and screaming in all directions. But if you look in the background in a lot of the shots people are walking calmly and one woman is even continuing to pay for her items as if nothing has happened.

Correction: People don't always notice these things right away. I saw a pedestrian hit by a car, the people across the street didn't even notice. There were two people shot at a theater nearby. Five people arrested, at most twenty witnesses. The hundreds of other people at the theater didn't even know what happened.

Corrected entry: When David Duchovny analyses the blue goo with his computer, a nice bar graph is shown which says that there are 10 base pairs or proteine used in the genetic code. However, for this to happen, a programmer would have had to have written this functionality into the program - what programmer would include this feature if it's completely inconceivable? (00:14:00)

Correction: It may have just been a graphing program that just spat out the results of a basic protein analysis. Just because all life on earth has 4 proteins in DNA, doesn't mean that an analysis can't search for other proteins in other areas, and thus cound more than just 4 proteins.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, Duchovny calls the splitting of the alien organisms to form 2 identical ones 'mitosis.' This is not the correct term. Mitosis refers to the replication of material at a cellular level, and happens in all living organisms. Since they are multicellular creatures, they are having 'fission' reactions, which is the creation of 2 identical creatures, like for example hydra. A former government scientist and professor should know the difference. It is basic biology.

Correction: Obviously, mitosis is what was the first thing that came into his mind to describe this process (it is new to him too). Besides, fission processes do NOT always result in the creation of two identical bodies - it just simply means the division of a cell (or atom, the term is normally used in nuclear physics).

Andy Benham

Corrected entry: I find it hard to believe that the Governor of Arizona (Dan Aykroyd) would have final say in ordering the US Army to napalm a portion of his state. That is a case of state government going over federal government, which is unconstitutional. The President would probably be the only one who could make that decision.

Correction: The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." As nowhere within the movie had the President of the United States declared a state of emergency, whatever happens in AZ is within the purview of its highest elected civilian official - the Governor. If the Army were to overrule civilian authority, that would be unconstitutional. The actions taken by the Governor of AZ (Dan Aykroyd) were completely within the scope of his office and the Constitution of the United States.

Other mistake: At the very beginning of the movie, when the guy throws the match into the house, it doesn't enter through the window. The match crashes and bounces back, but the fire inside the house still occurs. (00:02:40)

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Dr. Allison Reed: At this rate, they will take over Glen Canyon in three days. In a week, the rest of Arizona. Within two months, the United States will officially belong to them. And we are extinct.
Governor Lewis: Oh, you gotta be shittin' me.

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Trivia: In the scene where David And Orlando lead the class into the crater to see the meteor on the field trip if you pay attention to the background actors you can see a young John Cho. (Harold from Harold and Kumar).

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