Evolution (2001)

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The alien organisms become acclimatised to Earth's atmosphere and are spreading throughout the town. They are evolving rapidly to become smarter primates. It is revealed that fire is a catalyst for the growth of the alien organisms, and the Army is planning to use napalm against them which would be disastrous. Ira (David Duchovny) suddenly makes the brillant assumption that the aliens are weak against Selenium, and collects large amounts of Head & Shoulder's shampoo which contains Selenium. The Army bombs the aliens and suddenly, a large blob-like organism comes out of the cave which all the aliens originated from and crushes the Army. The heroes drive close to the Blob and pump in large amounts of shampoo. The Blob explodes. Everyone is happy.


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During the scene in the mall when the girl is in the dressing room, she keeps putting on more layers of clothing. But as they are shooting different shots she will have a hot pink shirt on, then it is back on the hanger, and then back on again. It switches back and forth many times.



"Evolution" was originally written as a serious sci-fi thriller by writer Don Jakoby. When Ivan Reitman signed on to direct, he felt the concept would make for a good ensemble comedy, similar to his film "Ghostbusters." Jakoby actually liked the idea of reworking the film into a comedy so much, he stayed with the project and assisted in re-writes.