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Corrected entry: In the library at night, Harry escapes Filch and Snape by staying hidden under his invisibility cloak, leaving the room through a door. Harry's hand either must have been visible while operating the door handle or the handle itself must have become invisible if Harry would have touched it with his hand wrapped in the cloak. But the door opens without the door handle being pushed down at all. (01:31:35)

Correction: That's because the door wasn't fully closed. All he had to do was push.


Corrected entry: When Harry is standing on his broomstick to catch the Snitch at the Quidditch scene and then he falls, it is impossible for the Snitch to get in his mouth without its wings cutting Harry's lips.

Correction: How so? We have no idea what the Snitch is made of. The wings could very likely be soft enough to rub right over Harry's lips without leaving a mark.


Correction: When Harry spits the Snitch out of his mouth the wings are all folded up so the Snitch could have very easily folded up its wing after going inside of Harry's mouth.

Corrected entry: In Gringott's, after visiting Harry's vault, as they stand in front of vault 713, a cart passes by on the tracks. In order to do this, it almost certainly would have had to jump the cart Harry and Hagrid had been using.

Correction: The fact that you're speaking of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which is run by Goblins who have many enchantments in place, is in itself evidence that there really is nothing extraordinary about an enchanted cart travelling within the bank's underground passages, on its interlinked series of tracks.

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Corrected entry: When Harry, Hermione, and Ron go up the stair case, and end up in the third floor, you see there are three floors in view, plus a stair case going down, connected to the last visible floor, so in reality, it really wasn't the third floor.

Correction: In the UK, we don't start numbering right from the bottom. We start with the ground floor, which would be the first floor under the US system, then number as you go upwards. So, our first floor would be the second floor in the US and so forth. As such, the third floor that they refer to would be the fourth floor in US terminology, which fits with what's seen on-screen.

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Corrected entry: Watch Neville as he falls - he crashes on his back, but when Madam Hooch comes to him, his on his stomach.

Correction: No, you are quite wrong. When he actually hits the ground we can't see it because the other students stand between Neville and the camera.

Corrected entry: At the first flying lesson when Malfoy is about to fly, we see Hermione looking up in the sky before Malfoy gets that high. (00:57:55)


Correction: How this can be a mistake? She was simply looking at the sky because she was nervous as she never flew on a broom before.

Corrected entry: There's no reason whatsoever the trio needed to risk telling Hagrid at nighttime that they knew about the Philosopher's Stone, as it ends up in them getting in trouble. They could have told him immediately after Hermione found out about the Philosopher's Stone in the library. Or if they couldn't find time between classes, they could have waited until tomorrow.

Correction: They are kids, they got excited. It's not a stupidity for a movie to have kids do stupid things. Kids do stupid things, that's why they are kids.


Corrected entry: Just after Draco Malfoy was sorted, Ron mentions to Harry that there wasn't a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn't in Slytherin. However, at this point, Sirius Black was believed to be a dark wizard by the whole wizarding community, and was very well known as well, although he was in Gryffindor when he was at Hogwarts.


Correction: However, Ron is a little kid and heard a rumor that he pronounced as fact. But the adult wizarding community knew better.


Corrected entry: When Hermione petrified Neville, Neville's hands immediately came to his side and he fell, but in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when someone was being petrified, they would stay in their original position.

Correction: Hermione put a full body bind curse on him.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Hagrid gives Harry the photo album, Harry opens it to the picture on the front. But going by what we've seen from other clips earlier on when his parents died, the picture is chronologically wrong. They died when he was a baby not a toddler, yet in the picture James and Lily are holding a toddler version of Harry.

Correction: Baby Harry was played by The Saunders Triplets who were a year old during the filming of Harry Potter. Same age as baby Harry would have been. They may look big to you, but they are the correct age.

Corrected entry: Steven Spielberg was offered the position as director, but was later refused when he couldn't agree with J.K. Rowling's insistence on having an all-British cast, as he wanted Haley Joel-Osment to play Harry.


Correction: This is an old rumour which has since been rebuffed by J.K. Rowling. She has stated that she would have never, nor was in a position to, decline Spielberg direction over this movie.

Corrected entry: In 'Deathly Hallows Part 1', James and Lily Potter's gravestone says they died in 1981. When their deaths are shown in 'Philosopher's Stone', baby Harry is seen wearing a Blue's Clues shirt, but Blue's Clues didn't exist until 1996, 15 years after the Potters' deaths.


Correction: Those are bunny rabbits on his shirt.


Corrected entry: After arriving to Hogwarts, just after Draco Malfoy is confronting Harry, Professor McGonagall taps Draco on the shoulder, when turned around, for a split moment you can see the tape that keeps on his wig to cover his brown hair.


Correction: Except he's not wearing a wig; Tom Felton's hair has been dyed platinum blonde ever since he first got the role of Draco Malfoy.

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Corrected entry: Just after Ron says, 'Mails here!', we see the owls dropping various packages to Hogwarts students. The very first owl closeup we see is a brown one and s/he is flying to the right. It's carrying a green package. When the owl drops the package and a student catches it, however, the package has turned blue. (00:53:50)


Correction: They are not meant to be the same package. We are shown two tight close-ups of owls - among many other owls, who are delivering/dropping the mail, which merely serve to illustrate this event. The package the first owl releases is green and rectangle, with string tied around the smaller side, and a student catches a larger, blue, square package with string tied around all of its sides. Two shots later we see another owl drop a tan, rectangle package, with a single string and it cuts to yet another student catching an entirely different smaller package. Neither of these are mistakes.

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Corrected entry: In the reptile house at the zoo, Dudley yells at his parent to come and see what the snake Harry is looking at is doing. The problem is that Dudley is facing the opposite wall when he yells out and hasn't even seen the snakes' enclosure yet.

Correction: The Burmese Python is lying down motionless at the bottom of its enclosure, when Dudley decides it's boring and walks to the exhibit behind Harry. During the conversation with Harry, the snake perks up, raises its head up high, to Harry's shoulder level, then moves about very animatedly when Harry turns to look at the zoo sign and continues talking. The next time we even see Dudley, his head and body are already turned halfway towards Harry's direction, whereupon he shouts for his parents to come see what the snake is doing. It is clear from Dudley's body position that he has just seen the snake's very noticeable actions, as it was speaking to Harry.

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Correction: Harry has a Hogwarts tie on like everyone else before the sorting. The Gryffindor tie has more color to it than the ones that all first year students are wearing.

Corrected entry: When Harry is searching the restricted section, he puts the lamp down first and then the cloak. So the cloak would be on top of the lamp, but when he pulls on the cloak so he can put it on, the cloak is under the lamp.

Correction: Harry puts the cloak down as he is using the light to look at the books. He then puts the light down ON TOP of the cloak.

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Correction: The stair cases move, it's possible that the banister will wobble.


Corrected entry: In the end credits they say that there are 3 beaters on the Slytherin team. There should only be 2.

Correction: It doesn't even list Slytherin team beaters in the end credits.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Ron just get off the stone horse instead of risking his life by taking the hit the queen gave out?

Correction: Because then he's not playing the part of the knight, and it would end Wizard's Chess. That would then invalidate the challenge and not allow them to pass.


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Visible crew/equipment: During the Quidditch match Harry's broomstick tries to shake him off, due to the spell. After Hermione tells Ron, "Leave it to me," in Harry's last close-up before he flips over, the seat that is attached to the broomstick, to make it more comfortable for Dan Radcliffe to sit on, is entirely visible. Glimpses of other seats can be had during the match as well. (01:20:50)

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Dumbledore: It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

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Trivia: The Hogwarts motto, 'Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titilandus', is Latin, and means 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon.'

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Question: I get that the DADA role is cursed because of Voldemort being denied the role when he applied for it at Hogwarts, but why does Dumbledore not let Snape take the role like he's wanted to every year? I thought Snape was a double agent (he spies on the Death Eaters and Voldemort for Dumbledore, and he pretends to be on Voldemort's side too), so unless Voldemort decides that he wants to get rid of him for being in the role, he's okay to take it on provided he's given it, and yet every year, Dumbledore turns down his application. Is it because Snape's too involved in Voldemort's side of things or some other reason? I hope I explained it well.

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Chosen answer: There are several reasons. First, the position is cursed, so there is little reason to give Snape the job when he will not last any longer than all the previous instructors. If Snape did become the DADA instructor, something could happen to him that could result in his being harmed, having to leave Hogwarts, or be otherwise incapacitated in some way; that would render him useless to Dumbledore as a double agent. Also, Dumbledore trusts Snape, but putting him in an environment where he is teaching about dark magic on a daily basis would be too tempting and emotionally compromising to someone who had been so easily seduced by the dark side. He could possibly relapse. It would be like having a recovering alcoholic work as a bartender. Of course, he does eventually become the DADA instructor, and lasted no longer than his predecessors.

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In the movies it is never mentioned that DADA role was cursed by Voldemort.

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