Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Corrected entry: When Ron is in the Hogwarts train with Harry he has a big dark dirt stain on his nose, but when he is sitting on the other side (with Harry) it's barely there. And he couldn't have wiped it off because Hermione later comes in and informs him, THEN he tries to wipe it off. (00:34:20 - 00:35:25)

Correction: The smudge on Ron's nose stays the same through the whole scene.

Corrected entry: When Harry mounts the broom and the flying keys start to attack, Ron says, "This complicates things a bit." While he is speaking, you can see Hermione mouth the words along with him while she is looking up and grimacing. (01:59:35)

Correction: No she doesn't actually mouth his exact words at all. She is just moving her mouth about, as it doesn't look anything like what he's saying.

Corrected entry: When Ron is eating and Nearly Headless Nick pops out of the chicken, if you watch it frame by frame, you can see that Ron reacts about four frames too early.

Correction: No he doesn't. He reacts when he sees Nick's head coming up out of the chicken. If you watch really closely, you can see that when he reacts, there is a tiny bit of Nick's head sticking out.

Corrected entry: When Ron comes to ask Harry if he can sit with him just after they have boarded the train, it is very hilly outside and they are in the countryside. London is a huge city and the suburbs continue for miles, so it would be impossible for them to be in the country so shortly after departing.

Correction: We don't know that it's right after they departed. For all we know, Ron may have been looking for a place to sit for quite a while, until finally finding Harry.


Corrected entry: The ceiling in the Great Hall is supposed to reflect the sky at all times. In the scene where everyone is getting mail (the one where Neville gets his rememberall), it doesn't. There are also other brief scenes where it doesn't either - it only seems to in major scenes.

Correction: It is never said in the movie that the ceiling reflects the sky at all times. That was in the book.

Corrected entry: After Hagrid did the combination on the brick wall, you can see, as the are entering Diagon Alley, that the bricks are with cement despite being spinning and moving a few seconds earlier.


Correction: It's probably some kind of magic cement which allows the bricks to do their trick and then become solid again.


Corrected entry: After the Quiddich game, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione and Harry talk. Hagrid says, 'Nonsense. Why would Snape put a curse on Harry's broom?' But if you watch really really closely you can cleary see that his lips don't move. (01:23:50)

Correction: Sorry, but no. Hagrid actually does move his lips, I've zoomed. It's just hard to see due to his thick mustache and beard.

Corrected entry: (This is only for the Movie Disc DVD). When you insert the DVD into the drive, a menu comes up that says: 'PLAY MOVIE', 'SPECIAL FEATURES', 'LANGUAGES' and 'SET UP'. But don't be fooled; they are not the only things you can choose. Move the cursor to 'PLAY MOVIE', but the move the cursor to the right and you can select Hedwig. When you click it, it tells you to insert Disc 2. I haven't seen what happens when you do insert disc two, but just a hidden easter egg.

Correction: Nothing happens when you insert disk 2. It's just a link to the special features, which you can get if you insert CD2 anyway.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hagrid takes Harry through the Leaky Couldron to get to Diagon Alley, everyone stops and stares at Harry. One man says to Harry, "It's a pleasure to have you back, Mr. Potter," and then a woman speaks to him and gives a name, but this woman is not credited at the end of the film (it goes by order of appearence, so she would be right before Proffesor Quirrel.)The reason she is not credited is because she is none other than J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.

Correction: J.K. has stated on her website that she has never been in any of the movies, she was asked but declined. It is just an erroneous rumour that she is Doris Crockford.

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Corrected entry: When Harry is taking notes in Potions class, he finishes writing all of the words to Snape's speech just as Snape turns to him. Yet, when Hermione nudges him, several seconds later, he is still writing. (00:52:10)

Correction: He could be adding some thoughts or comments of his own to what Snape said.


Corrected entry: At the the scene with the flying keys, Harry flies his broom through the door and the keys crash into the door when the gang close it, and in the next scene Harry's walking to the chessboard. Where did the broom go?

Correction: As the kids come through the double doors into the chess room, you can see the broom leaning against the wall behind them.


Corrected entry: When Harry let's Hedwig fly to Hogwarts castle, the Quidditch grounds don't have stands.

Correction: The stands are probably only set up whenever there is a match. With magic, it's probably a simple task.


Corrected entry: When Harry let's Hedwig fly to Hogwarts castle, it's snowing there but it isn't snowing at the Quidditch Grounds. If it melted at the Quidditch Grounds then it would have melted where Harry let Hedwig fly from.

Correction: This scene was meant to show the transition from winter to spring. It starts out with Harry and Hedwig in the snow during winter and then to show time passing as sort of a space filler, she flies back during the spring.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry gets through to platform 9 3/4, there is a shot of the train. We also so Mrs. Weasley next to Ron. This is impossible because she just helped Harry get onto the platform and she let him go first, so she'd have to walk past him.

Correction: The last time we see Mrs. Weasley she is standing next to Ron watching Harry go through the wall to platform 9 3/4. We don't see her once Harry has gotten through.

Corrected entry: When Harry receives his Nimbus 2000 broomstick in the Great Hall, he and Ron and Hermione seem to get very excited about it and act as though they don't know what it could possibly be. It is extremely obvious what it is though, before they open it, due to the shape of the packaging. (01:14:55)

Correction: The trio may seem to be acting as though they don't know what it could possibly be, but it's more logical to assume they're excited about what -kind/brand- of broomstick it may be.

Corrected entry: Harry walks to the quidditch pitch, the bristles on his broom are neat and tidy, ending in a point. He stands next to Wood, still neat, but as soon as he mounts his broom and flies, the bristles have become played out and messy. (01:15:25 - 01:16:10)

Correction: The bristles were neat because the broom had never been flown before. As soon as Harry starts flying, the bristles separate.

Corrected entry: Before Ron is knocked out by the queen when they are playing chess on the way to the Philosopher's Stone, he puts the king in check. The queen then takes him, and the king is not in check. Harry is a bishop, so he can only move diagonally. When Harry moves, he ends up in front of the king. The king cannot be in checkmate, because Harry, as a bishop, can only move diagonally, not forwards, so the king's in no danger.

Correction: Harry didn't move forwards he moved diagonally on the black squares to checkmate the King.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Ron is talking to Hermione at the top of the stairs before Harry enters, if you turn the volume up really loud you can hear Ron say something which isn't related to the movie and isn't really appropriate for a PG rated movie. (02:17:20)

Correction: It wasn't inappropriate. It sounds to a lot of people like he said, "I had an erection." That's not what he said; he said, "I had a resurrection", referring to his apparent injury/death during the chess match.

Corrected entry: On the train to Hogwarts, Hermione tells Harry and Ron that they need to get their school clothes on, as they will arrive soon. It is daytime outside. Yet the train arrives at Hogsmeade Station when it's dark - clearly not soon after. (00:36:02)

Correction: Hermione has never travelled on the Hogwarts Express before (to our knowledge), so she probably only estimated the amount of time left until they got to Hogwarts.

Corrected entry: In the scene where all of the first years are ascending the staircases to Professor McGonagal, you can see Hermione's hair towards the front of the line. Then, in another cut, it's suddenly nowhere to be seen. Then it's back again.

Correction: In the shot from above, Hermione ascends the second flight on the right side and rounds the landing on the inside. The camera shifts to behind the landing and Hermione is still near the inside, someone has just wedged between her and the railing. She reaches the top of the stairs next to Ron.


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Visible crew/equipment: During the Quidditch match Harry's broomstick tries to shake him off, due to the spell. After Hermione tells Ron, "Leave it to me," in Harry's last close-up before he flips over, the seat that is attached to the broomstick, to make it more comfortable for Dan Radcliffe to sit on, is entirely visible. Glimpses of other seats can be had during the match as well. (01:20:50)

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