Corrected entry: Ash gets thrown off the giant mech and is understandably in pain, but how does he get knocked out by Vicious stepping on his hands? Shouldn't he have just let go of it, and still be consious?

Correction: It is in fact possible to pass out from pain, as anyone who's fallen off a horse, motorcycle, or skateboard can tell you. That's probably what happened to Ash.

Corrected entry: If things happened like the movie says, then why didn't the profesor put suicune in the pokedex?

Correction: He didn't write the entire pokédex all by himself. The others working on it wouldn't have respected him as a scientist if he put in a legendary pokémon nobody else knew about that he saw as a child.

Corrected entry: Why is it Professor Oak didn't include Houndoom, Scizor, Suicune, Celebi, Ursaring, Stantler, Sneasel, Bayleef, or any of the G/S Pokémon in his original Pokédex if this really happened? And we know Celebi and Houndoom existed in Sammy's time, so what was the problem

Correction: It was actually Professor Westwood that designed the PokeDex. Professor Oak helped with it. The reason the Johto Pokemon were not added was because there probably wasn't enough information on them to bother with. Ash's PokeDex needed an upgrade before he went to the Johto region because they had more information about the Pokemon from that region.

Corrected entry: Celebi is a Grass/Psychic type and has just turned into a giant twig monster. Why does Ash not use Cyndaquil against it? It is a Fire-type, which is really powerful against Grass-types. Instead he uses his faithful Pikachu, which has a disadvantage to Grass-types. Though Cyndaquil is obviously not as powerful as Celebi is, it could have done more damage than either Pikachu or Suicune (who is weak to Grass-types) did.

Correction: Simple Pokemon strategy. Ash doesn't always use type advantages. Besides, Pikachu is his stongest Pokemon, with electricity able to affect ground-types.

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In the scene where they first visit the lake of life, Sam wades into the water (all the way up to his waist). As he steps out there is only water at his ankles and moments later there is no water.



Back when the movie was in the pre-planning stages, the story was supposedly going to revolve around the GS Ball, which Ash and company carried all throughout the Orange Islands and 1/3 of the way through Johto. Evidentally, the GS Ball was going to be finally opened to reveal that Celebi was hidden inside. This may have been the movie's plot had Pokémon Crystal not come out for the GameBoy Color.