Pokemon 4Ever
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Continuity mistake: In the recap, in Pikachu's Poké Ball's receiving, the tiles are larger in the movie than in the episode. (00:01:53)


Pokemon 4Ever mistake picture

Other mistake: When showing "In Association with" in the English dub's credits, The Pokémon Company is misspelled as "The Pokeman Company." (01:15:37)


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Trivia: In the early reports when Movie 3 was still being made, there were rumors that Movies 3 and 4 were going to be interconnected, with Entei working with Mewtwo or something and then finding Celebi. Obviously, the creators abadoned this idea.

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Question: Does Missingno, the infamous "Pokemon 000" glitch from Pokemon Red/Green (Red/Blue in the states) appear in this movie?

Answer: Missingno is a glitch from the video games, and is not a real pokemon, so no.


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