Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Corrected entry: During the entire time the kids are in outer space, they can somehow breathe.


Correction: If you watch the TV series, in The Junkman Cometh, Jimmy starts to explain to Sheen how that works before being interrupted by Carl. Either way, Jimmy has a method.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jimmy's parents are kidnapped, their bedroom is next to the kitchen, however, in other parts in the movie, the parents' bedroom is upstairs.


Correction: Their bedroom is shown only once in the movie and it is next to the kitchen.


Corrected entry: When Jimmy and Carl are in space the first time at the beginning of the movie Jimmy has all his clothes on, then after he gets home he is in his room with boxers on and gets dressed again.

Correction: When Jimmy arrives home from space by crashing his jet into the roof, he goes to his room to get changed for school. Jimmy's dressing machine removes his clothes before dressing him again in an identical outfit.


Corrected entry: How are Jimmy and his friends breathing in space?

Correction: If you watch the tv show, Jimmy, Sheen , and Carl go into space in an episode and Sheen asks Jimmy this same question. Just as Jimmy is about to explain Carl starts singing so you cant hear what is being said. Jimmy has obviously come up with an invention to help them breathe in space.


Corrected entry: When the aliens are watching Jimmy's greeting video, there is a shot where he is showing a picture of his parents. When he points to his mom, he says "Dad" and when he points to his dad he says "Mom." A slight mixup. (00:30:12)

Correction: Right after this happens, and the aliens begin to talk about how delicious the parents look, in the background you can hear Jimmy saying that he got it backwards.


Corrected entry: When the kids are modifying the rides so they can fly them, Jimmy checks up on all the rides/rockets and sees that Cindy and her friend have decorated the rocket so space can have a feminine touch, it has flowers and stuff on it. In space, it then doesn't have any flowers or stars or things.

Correction: When their ride launches you can see the decorations fall off.


Corrected entry: When Jimmy tells Goddard to do an adult scan, Jimmy said that there are no adults within radar but later they show you the teacher.

Correction: The teacher was too small to be detected.


Corrected entry: When Nick tells Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen about sneaking out to Retroland, he skates off into the ally and says "Anyone who matters is gonna be there", his lips aren't in sync with the sound.


Correction: He is facing away when his starts to say that line and cuts to a far away shot where his mouth is barely visible.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy Neutron is giving birthday presents to his mum he pulls out a necklace and some earrings from a bag. His mum only takes the necklace from him but the earrings are no longer in his hand. (00:20:10)

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Sheen: I do so relish these times of peril.

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Trivia: When Jimmy shrinks himself to sneak out of the house you can see his parents are watching TV Land - A Nickelodeon program

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Question: Near the ending, when the kids fly very close to the sun, how were they able to survive its super-intense heat?

Answer: This is not meant to be a realistic film.

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