Along Came a Spider

Other mistake: Megan is kidnapped during the lunch break, and when Cross reaches the Rose residence, his friend from the FBI tells him about the forensics exams not netting any results. When he gets to the crime scene the day after, though, it's swarming with feds who are still doing things like checking the computer stations and even photographing the chalklines of the strangled woman, all sort of investigations that you'd expect to have happened already in the previous 24 hours or so.


Other mistake: The software the FBI agent is using to decrypt the "Stego-encrypted GIFs" says "ANOMALLIES FOUND; TRUE", with 2 Ls, and closes the report with a pretty worrisome "EXRTANEOUS POGRAM FOUND; TRUE." (00:32:30)


Other mistake: In the sequence in front of the embassy when Jezzie runs towards the police car as it escapes, in the background Morgan Freeman's stand-in 'surrender' to the Russians way before the real Morgan Freeman does it in a close-up. (00:58:50)


Other mistake: Mercusio tazes Jezzie and enters her apartment. Look at the wall clock; the time shown is 4:05, when Cross was barely at the Watergate Hotel at that time. (01:13:00)


Factual error: As the kidnapper is watching TV, we hear a news anchor describing the kidnapped child. She is described as 12 years old, 3 ft. 5 in. tall, and 52 pounds. This is the size of a child half this age. A 12 year old of this size would be freakishly small, which this character is not. And as we see her throughout the movie, she is easily approaching 5 feet tall and in the 70 - 80 pound range. (00:13:30)

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Jezzie Flannigan: Dr. Cross, Agent Ben Devine. Agent Devine is security systems supervisor.
Ben Devine: Well, for now. We're going to be thrown to the wolves, as soon as they find Megan Rose dead in a ditch.
Alex Cross: Now what makes you so sure that's what's going to happen?
Ben Devine: Me getting fired or the girl in a ditch? Sorry. I'm having a pessimistic day.

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Trivia: After Morgan Freeman shoots the guy with the shotgun, the next scene is outside with the news crew and you will see Morgan Freeman walk by the camera dressed up with dreadlocks and cap and keeps looking at the camera. It's Morgan Freeman playing an extra.

Tommy L

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Suggested correction: I agree, it's definitely not Morgan Freeman. If you're talking about the guy in the red knit cap and what looks like a red sweater vest, he doesn't have a mustache and his nose is completely different from Freeman's nose looks like in profile. Without any confirmation from someone from the film (such as a director's commentary) or further evidence, this isn't valid trivia.


Suggested correction: Wow, I find pretty extraordinary that this cameo is not mentioned anywhere else. The guy does look like Morgan Freeman (I am adding a screenshot to the entry), and is not seen anywhere else in the scene, nor Freeman is in the wide shot, so I can't say the entry is false, I just find it quite strange since usually this sort of humorous bit roles get mentioned a lot. Kudos for noticing.


That is not Morgan Freeman.

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Question: How did Meghan get from the boat to the house?

Answer: There is a man in the house who brings Meghan some food to eat. I think he was the one who took her there.

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