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Smokey and the Bandit picture

Character mistake: In the scene where the Bandit convinces Snowman to go with him to Texarkana, Texas, to get the beer, he says, "It's only 900 miles there and 900 miles back." In fact, it is only 557 miles between Texarkana and Atlanta, meaning they could cover the 1114-mile round trip in the pre-determined 28 hours in an average speed of 40 mph.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Character mistake: In the scene when Raphael crashes through the window, as April and Leo converse on his well being, you can see Donatello mishandling his bow staff on the left.

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Suggested correction: You're going to have to define "mishandling" and explain how it's a mistake, because I watched the movie last night, and then just looked up the scene again on YouTube, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with what he's doing at the moment in question. Certainly nothing that would qualify it as a "mistake." He's just fumbling with his staff as he pulls it out and gets ready for potential combat, since, you know, his brother was just thrown in through a window. At best, he sort-of loses grip on his staff for a half-second before grabbing it again... but that's not really a "mistake." Fumbling with objects (especially in a high-stress situation) is something that happens to people in real-life literally all the time.


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Ocean's Eight picture

Character mistake: Sandra Bullock's German is very good, but not perfect. She says about her husband, "Gestern hat er seine Schuhe in den Gefrierschrank gestellt," ("Yesterday, he put his shoes in the freezer"). Immediately afterwards, she says "seine Schuhe ins Gefrierschrank," ("He put his shoes in the freezer"). The word Gefrierschrank (freezer) in German is masculine and can never be preceded by the accusative case contraction "ins", the contraction for "in das." She just changed the gender of the word Gefrierschrank (freezer) from masculine in the first sentence (correct) to neuter in the second sentence (incorrect). (01:40:05)

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City of God picture

Character mistake: After crashing their car into the bar the Tender Trio attempt to flee on foot but Clipper twists his ankle. Goose says "Goose f***ed up his ankle" accidentally referring to himself but obviously it's Clipper that twisted his ankle. (00:14:59)

Jack Vaughan

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The Silence of the Lambs picture

Character mistake: Dissecting the chrysalis, Dr. Roden says that "Somebody grew this guy. Fed him honey and nightshade." Nightshade is indeed one of the typical plants eaten by the Death's head moth, but since "he" is only a pupa, would have not eaten honey, which is something only the adult specimen eats. (00:48:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: I don't see this so much as a mistake, but rather a shortcut so there would be no need to explain the entire metamorphosis process. Feeding "it" would refer to the larva stage, necessary to reach (grow to) the pupa stage. "It" may have transformed, but "it" is still the same "it." The men working there are experts and would know what he means, not interrupt and say, "Pupae don't eat, dumb @$$." Likewise, having to specifically say that someone fed the larva "honey and Nightshade" so that it would become that pupa doesn't seem to be necessary given the nature of the film. [And the larva - not just "adults" - might eat honey.].


Sorry, I don't really understand the point of the first part (like, 90%) of the correction; at no point I was disputing the concept of 'feeding a pupa', but just what it could have eaten to be raised to that stage. The only relevant part of your correction is that last phrase; "And the larva might eat honey." Which is not how it works from what I understand. If you want to correct this entry, please dispute that aspect; I never bred bugs (...on purpose!) and surely not of that kind, but the larvae of that species are strictly herbivores, and the honey plays into their diet only later in life - to the best of my knowledge they can't even process it at that stage. Assuming it can (which I have no particular reason to believe), it would be an exception and not what an entomologist would say to describe a well raised specimen. For what it is worth, also, Harris' novel never mentions honey, but specifically leaves, although it's a different plant.

Sammo Premium member

Sorry if I misconstrued what you were trying to say. By writing that the pupa would not eat something only the adults eat, you left the impression that the pupa eats other things (just not the honey). I think I understand now. Your answer is specific to the honey and my response addressed how much information the experts needed to present about metamorphosis and food/no food to the audience. I hope this helps you understand at least some of that 90%.


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Freedom Writers picture

Character mistake: When Ms. Gruwell tells Gloria to read the first sentence on the board Gloria reads "Odysseus had no sense of direction." but on the board something different was written.

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Face/Off picture

Character mistake: When Troy is getting the bomb ready, the screen shows it will blow in 216 hours, which is 9 days. Yet the agent tells Archer it will blow in 6 days.

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A Shot in the Dark picture

Character mistake: When Clouseau and Ballon are playing billiards, and Clouseau accuses Ballon of murdering the chauffeur out of jealously, he accidentally refers to Ballon as "Inspector Ballon". (00:46:20)

Cubs Fan

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The Jackal picture

Character mistake: At the meeting of the MVD and FBI where they are discussing Terek's hiding place, she mentions that he's in the town of Porvoo and that it is 60 kilometers west Helsinki. Porvoo is actually 50 kilometers northeast of Helsinki. (00:12:45)

Quantom X Premium member

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Tower Heist picture

Character mistake: Alan Alda says that his personal security code is the street address that he lived on at Steinway Boulevard when he was a kid growing up in Astoria, NY. The name of the street in Astoria is Steinway Street. (00:19:50)

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Outland picture

Character mistake: The movie starts with shots of the moon Io and the company's operations, with typed descriptions at the bottom of the screen. Guess they couldn't afford a proofreader. They spell dependents as dependants, marshal as marshall, and principal as principle.

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Scream picture

Character mistake: Sid deduces that Billy could be the killer because he could have used his phone call from jail to make the threatening call. However, the deduction has to be incorrect, since if it was really Billy, he could have never used the voice-changing device.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: This will sound pedantic (hey, it's, we're entitled), but I don't think this is what is meant by a character mistake. Sidney isn't presenting an erroneous fact that goes uncorrected, she's explaining an idea that had crossed her mind. Billy immediately gives a plausible response and by the end of the film it's evident who'd called her. The takeaway isn't that Billy could still be the killer but that Sidney can't help but suspect him despite their reconciliation.


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Goodfellas picture

Character mistake: In jail when they're all sitting down to eat, Paulie says "c'mon boys let's eat, Freddie, Vinnie let's go" The problem is the other guy's name is Johnny Dio, not Freddie.


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Saw (2004)

Saw picture

Character mistake: Detective Sing asks Dr Gordon to listen to Amanda's testimony. Any detective would know its not a testimony, its a statement. Testimonies are done in court, not a police station. (00:23:00)


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The Big Sleep picture

Character mistake: When Lauren is playing roulette, she has $14,000 worth of chips sitting on red - if she wins, she gets double, $28,000; and if she loses, she loses all of the $14,000 - but the croupier is troubled and says to Lauren that she hasn't got enough to cover the bet, which is ridiculous; all her $14,000 chips are sitting on red, what more does she need? Even the head croupier is called in, and, after much chatting, all the other players are asked to take their chips away as only Lauren is playing this round, which is ridiculous: All they have to lose is $28,000; that's nothing for them.


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3 Days to Kill picture

Character mistake: In the bathroom scene with the fat man tied up, Kevin answers his phone upside down.

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Red 2 picture

Character mistake: On the tour boat in London, the voice on the loudspeaker says 'if you look to your right, you will see the Tower of London'. Except it's on the left, given the direction the boat is travelling. (00:53:00)

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The Family picture

Character mistake: At the party, Fred is supposed to make a bbq, feeding about 50 people. But once he's got the fire going, he puts two lonely pieces of hamburger meat on top, to cook - only two.


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