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Road House (1989)

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Corrected entry: When Dalton is getting the staples put in his side to mend his knife wound, he has his hand behind his head showing his bicep. In one shot he has a mole on his bicep then on the next one it's gone.

Correction: The mole is there, it's just out of sight because his arm is repositioned higher in the subsequent shot. You can see a perfect example of this after the scene where doctor grabs the stapler and says, "OK", just before she staples his wound. The shot shows Dalton's arm and we can see the mole seconds before he raises his arm a little higher to allow her to staple. As he does that, the mole is hidden out of sight right before your eyes.

Corrected entry: The blind guitar player (Jeff Healey) is wearing a wristwatch throughout the film. Did I mention he's BLIND?

Correction: Blind people do wear watches - either ones that speak or ones with numbers in braille.


Corrected entry: When Dalton, Jeff Healey, and Dalton's girlfriend drive by the car dealership, the big bouncer announces that Brad Wesley is putting something down on a new car. When Wesley's thug runs over and destroys the cars in the monster truck, they're all older - early 70's models, hardly "new".

Leonard Hassen

Correction: The bouncer was making a joke - "putting something down on a car" would have sounded odd.


Corrected entry: When Dalton visits Brad Wesley at his home, Wesley tells the story of how he grew up on the mean streets of Chicago. Assuming he's rich and has connections in Chicago, why couldn't he just have Dalton killed off by a hit man instead of these bumbling rednecks that he employs.

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Just because he grew up in Chicago doesn't mean he has ties to the mob. Or he could have been greatly exaggerating his importance.

Corrected entry: There is a scene that starts with one of the bar waitresses (Kari-Ann) up on the stage singing with the band. Watch the drummer; some of his playing is in perfect sync with the singer and music, but at another time you can hear a cymbal crash when visually he doesn't hit a cymbal.

Correction: He could have had a foot pedal setup for the cymbal.

Corrected entry: Whenever Dalton visits Red's Garage, we always see him driving out to this location. Yet when the fire at Red's happens it happens right across the street from the Double Deuce in walking distance.

Correction: Would it not be reasonable that Dalton was driving from the farm rather then from the Double Deuce? After all, he doesn't live at the bar.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Dalton has been brought to see Mr. Wesley, he and the two goons walk in the house and pass a pool table on their right. The pool table (which is full size and not bumper pool) has no pockets and only three balls on the table.

Correction: The pool table they pass is in fact a billiard table. A game played with three balls on a full sized table with no pockets.



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Red Webster: Don't ever marry an ugly woman. Just sucks the life right out of you.



This mistake occurs when Dalton shakes Emmett's hand while outside the horse barn. When they first meet he is working, wearing gloves. After they make intros and shake hands, he is not wearing gloves. In the immediate scene after, he is shown picking up hay and the gloves are back on.