Road House

Road House (1989)

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Brad Wesley taunts Dalton by deciding the fate of either Elizabeth or Wade, through a simple coin toss. Dalton tries to get Elizabeth to get out of dodge with him, but when she refuses out of fear of him, Dalton later learns that Wade's fate was decided, as he is stabbed to death. Enraged, Dalton storms Wesley's ranch and kills all of his men (with the exception of Tinker, who is plumeled by a stuffed polar bear). After a fierce confrontation with Wesley, Dalton spares his life. The moment Elizabeth enters, Wesley attempts to shoot Dalton, but is gunned down by Pete, Red, and Frank. Before the cops arrive, the men hide their guns and everyone pretends nothing happened. Dalton and Elizabeth remain together.

Brandon H.

Visible crew/equipment: When Dalton is getting the antenna at Red's, when the camera scans to show red, you can clearly see someone handing him the antenna through the shelves. (00:34:05)

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Red Webster: Don't ever marry an ugly woman. Just sucks the life right out of you.

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Trivia: When Wade Garrett (Sam Elliot) first shows up at the Double Deuce, there is a fight out back by the delivery truck. Morgan (Terry Funk) says 'none of your business, Dad' to Wade. Terry Funk is two months older than Sam Elliot in real life.

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Answer: Only in the sense that the writer wanted them to have very masculine names.

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