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The Equalizer 2 picture

Character mistake: Dave's wife refers to McCall as his "Army buddy" - but the pictures in McCall's house on the shore show him to be a Marine. Not a generalisation a Marine would make.

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Ocean's Eight picture

Character mistake: Sandra Bullock's German is very good, but not perfect. She says about her husband, "Gestern hat er seine Schuhe in den Gefrierschrank gestellt," ("Yesterday, he put his shoes in the freezer"). Immediately afterwards, she says "seine Schuhe ins Gefrierschrank," ("He put his shoes in the freezer"). The word Gefrierschrank (freezer) in German is masculine and can never be preceded by the accusative case contraction "ins", the contraction for "in das." She just changed the gender of the word Gefrierschrank (freezer) from masculine in the first sentence (correct) to neuter in the second sentence (incorrect). (01:40:05)

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The Clovehitch Killer picture

Character mistake: Despite it being the writer's creative imagination to have 16-year-old son Tyler kill his serial killer father, Don Burnside, Tyler was reared in what can be considered a highly religious Christian family. Due to his religious, family - and community - oriented upbringing, Tyler undoubtedly was well aware of the Ten Commandments, so suddenly violating at least three (i.e, "Thou shalt not kill", "Honor thy father" and "Though shalt not lie") is too far-fetched. Trusting Kassi also wasn't rational.


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Suggested correction: This is in no way a mistake. This is you thinking a character should act differently. Plus, the rifle Tyler had hadn't been loaded, and he only killed his father after his father attempted to shoot him with the unloaded rifle. Plus, your mistake suggests Don would never have committed any crimes in the first place.


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Den of Thieves picture Video

Character mistake: When Big Nick and his team are first discussing the theft of the armored truck early in the film, Nick is eating and turns to one of his partners and asks for him to give him the "Pepto", or pepto bismol. You can see in this shot the bottle of pepto bismol is already sitting on the desk next to the guy, but then the guy opens the drawer and mimes the movements acting like he's pulling it out and setting the bottle on the desk. (00:23:25)

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Hotel Artemis picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie you can read the rules of the premises, in particular rule number 3 says; "No guns or any type of weapon permitted through the gates." However, the Wolf King's cronies dump their guns before the gate even when they were never supposed to be able to come in (so does Burke at the beginning, but he was trying to be admitted in). (00:07:15)

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BlacKkKlansman picture

Character mistake: As Ron goes to tackle Connie (bomb scene) - he states "Colorado State Police" - not "Colorado Springs Police" - two separate entities.

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Daphne & Velma picture

Character mistake: Daphne's mother is the one who pressed her husband to tell her the truth, but she is cheering when he says about the basketball anecdote that it was 'real', when later he corrects himself saying "real-ly me, disguised as a mascot." (00:17:25)

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