Best crime movie character mistakes of 2015

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Character mistake: Just before coming back to the U.S. at the border, Forsing takes his hand off the trigger to unlock the truck door. For anyone properly trained the trigger hand will always stay on the weapon - the forehand would be used for everything else.

Movie Medic

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Character mistake: When Dotzler is giving one of his first meetings when trying to catch Brian in the police station, the LAPD signs behind him are misspelled "Departement."


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Character mistake: During their bickering about the coffee, the idea is that the officers just drank some coffee made from beans coming from excrements of rhesus macaque. That's how the civet coffee is made; macaques merely chew and spit the beans, they do not 'process' them (that'd be the kopi luwak that he references immediately after). (00:27:00)

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