Guys and Dolls

Character mistake: Sarah after speaking to Sky when they come back from Havana and the thugs leave from playing the crap game she goes in the Mission she reaches for the light string to turn off the light she doesn't ever get the string in her hand but the light goes off.

Character mistake: In the restaurant scene, Sky bets Nathan would not be able to tell what color the bow tie he has on. Nathan says "No bet," pulls down his tie, and sees "polka dots." Polka dots is a pattern, not a color. The colors of Nathan's tie is black and white.

Continuity mistake: Sara Brown is giving her speech in the street, and the man selling watching is trying to 'steal' her audience. There are window washers in the back ground under the "Jones" signs. On the long shots there is a man on the left window on a ladder. On Sara's closeup shot, he's standing on the street washing the window, ladder gone. (00:08:35)

Jack's Revenge

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Harry the Horse: I just acquired five thousand fish.
Nicely Nicely Johnson: Five thousand? If it can be told, where did you take on this fine bundle of lettuce?
Harry the Horse: I have nothing to hide. I collected the reward on my father.
Benny Southstreet: It is an advantage to have a successful father. Nobody ever wanted my old man for as much as five hundred.

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