Guys and Dolls

Continuity mistake: Adelaide performs her first number and finds Nathan in her dressing room. There is a pink robe draped over the partition. Placement of this robe changes during the scene without being touched.

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Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: Sara Brown is giving her speech in the street, and the man selling watching is trying to 'steal' her audience. There are window washers in the back ground under the "Jones" signs. On the long shots there is a man on the left window on a ladder. On Sara's closeup shot, he's standing on the street washing the window, ladder gone.


Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: Right before the "Pet Me Poppa" number, there is a shot showing some sort of smoky substance lurking on the stage. The shot also includes a man walking onto the stage. The shot changes to a close up shot of him making an announcement, and the smoke is gone. When the shot changes to show the entire stage the smoke is there again.

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More mistakes in Guys and Dolls

Trivia: Nathan was added into Nicely and Benny's number 'Guys and Dolls' to increase Sinatra's singing part.

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rabid anarchist

Trivia: Sinatra originally went for the role of Sky, but was given the job of Nathan. He didn't think Nathan was as good as Sky's character.

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