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Corrected entry: The biblical reference that Sky 'corrects' when he visits Sarah in her mission is not a real reference. This mistake is also included in the stage show.

Correction: The reference is real. It's in Isaiah 57:21. My bible reads "'No peace,' says Yahweh, 'for the wicked.'"


Correction: The mistake is the book:verse designation in the reference. It is Isaiah 57:22 in the script, which does not exist in the Bible. It's actually Isaiah 57:21. Also, there are only 31 books in Proverbs, so Sarah would definitely noticed the 57 chapter mistake. Alas.

Corrected entry: During "Follow the Fold", There are lots of womens voices singing along with the men, but there are only two or three women.

Correction: There are only two women's voices heard. Since there are two women in the group, this is correct.


Continuity mistake: Right before the "Pet Me Poppa" number, there is a shot showing some sort of smoky substance lurking on the stage. The shot also includes a man walking onto the stage. The shot changes to a close up shot of him making an announcement, and the smoke is gone. When the shot changes to show the entire stage the smoke is there again.

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Harry the Horse: I just acquired five thousand fish.
Nicely Nicely Johnson: Five thousand? If it can be told, where did you take on this fine bundle of lettuce?
Harry the Horse: I have nothing to hide. I collected the reward on my father.
Benny Southstreet: It is an advantage to have a successful father. Nobody ever wanted my old man for as much as five hundred.

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Trivia: Sinatra originally went for the role of Sky, but was given the job of Nathan. He didn't think Nathan was as good as Sky's character.

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