Beverly Hills Cop II

Continuity mistake: The guy in the armored car's passenger seat disappears and reappears during the chase.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are chasing the armored car in the cement truck the chutes on the truck keep going from being down to folded up. This happens several times in the scene.

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning, before Karla's robbery of the jewelry store, when the limo turns the corner the front license plate reads "Dent". However, when the limo parks in front of Adriano's its front license plate reads "77". (00:00:25)

Other mistake: When Bogomil gets shot two bullets are fired, one by the drive-by shooter and one by Karla, yet there are three distinct bullet holes and a forth large hole in the rear windshield of Bogomil's car. Two holes are completely unaccounted for. (None of the windshield holes are tree reflections.)

Continuity mistake: When Eddie Murphy jumps onto the moving ready-mix concrete truck that Judge Reinhold has stolen, you can see that his gun falls out of his jeans, yet he is using it moments later.

Continuity mistake: When Lt. Bogomil gets shot in a driveby while helping Brigette Nielsen's character with her car, you can plainly see that the driveby car is a black 1987 Camaro. However, later in the movie the same gunmen are shown driving a black 1977 Camaro.

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Suggested correction: I'm having a hard time seeing the mistake here. Basically what's being stated is that 2 different cars are being used by the same criminals on 2 different occasions? Not only is it entirely plausible that they used a second car for a different shooting, but it is a good idea, in case the plate of the car they used in the Bogomil shooting was reported by an eyewitness (since it was a shooting in broad daylight and all). A smart criminal might have ditched the car entirely.

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Continuity mistake: When Rosewood is speeding to the City Deposit/Federal Reserve Bank, he smashes through a red/white booth and the car's front license plate falls off, but it soon reappears. (01:03:20)

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Continuity mistake: After Axel gives Taggart the key to his "Uncle's" house and drives off, the real homeowner removes his sunglasses and walks toward Taggart and Rosewood, but next close-up his sunglasses are back on. (01:38:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Rosewood causes the alarm to go off at the warehouse on the oil field, Axel tackles one of Dent's guys and the guy's sunglasses disappear and reappear when he and Axel are fighting. (01:29:30)

Continuity mistake: When Axel, Taggart and Rosewood show up at Emperian Fields, they are driving a brown car, but when they drive to Dent's oil fields, they are driving a blue car.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Eddie Murphy actually drives two different types of Ferrari - a 308 and a 328. During his journey, the cars keep changing.

Factual error: Ronnie Cox is shot in the heart at point blank range by Brigitte Neilsen, and it looks to me like she's using a large caliber handgun. Keeping track of the action of the film tells us that Cox is sitting up in bed chatting to his friends just three days later. What nonsense. Even if he did survive (unlikely) he'd still be in Post-Op Intensive Care at that stage. He wouldn't be conscious, let alone allowed visitors.

Continuity mistake: Bogomil is standing and looking down into the engine of Karla's car when the assassin drives up. However when the shot is fired, Bogomil rolls on the bonnet of the car. When was the bonnet closed?

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Continuity mistake: When Axel walks away from the receptionist in the Shooting Club with the bag of vitamins, in the close up he has his left hand below the bag, and holds the top with his right hand. But in the next shot he's suddenly let go with his left hand and only holds it from below with his right.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the trio are driving to the City Deposit/Federal Reserve Bank, in the shot just before hitting the white/red booth, the extended crane arm with the second camera and seated cameraman are visible behind the booth (for filming from opposite angle). (01:03:25)

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Continuity mistake: At the B.H. Shooting Club, when Axel meets Russ Fielding the latter removes his headset and turns the grey cushion sides of both ear pieces facing out, yet when Fielding is seen on the monitor between those shots the ear pieces face the opposite way. (00:35:40)

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Continuity mistake: Hugh Heffner disappears. In one clip he is right next to Axel. Three to four seconds later he is nowhere to be seen, even though the camera pans around, and the spot is quite crowded.

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Continuity mistake: When Bogomil stops to help Karla, the driver's window in his car is slightly open. When he lies shot on the ground, it is all the way down.

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Continuity mistake: After being put on leave, Bogomil leaves the office and is driving towards the camera. His car is being followed, then passed by, the Mercedes Benz driven by Karla Fry. The license plate on the front of Bogomil's car is 2CTE919. When he pulls over to help Karla the license plate on the front of his car has changed to 2CTE673. (00:13:20)


Continuity mistake: When Axel breaks into the Shooting Club he places a piece of gum on the door. He squeezes it flat with his finger. But in the next clips, the piece of gum is not flat - and its position has changed.

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Inspector Todd: Don't think, Axel! It makes my dick itch!

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Trivia: In the scene where Foley first visits Rosewood's apartment, he at some point pauses and looks at a poster of Sylvester Stallone from the movie "Cobra" (1986). Stallone was originally supposed to star in Beverly Hills Cop (the first one) as Axel Foley (or his name was going to be Axel "The Cobra" Cobretti). The script was changed for Eddie Murphy, removing a large amount of the action sequences from the movie. Many of those sequences were later used in "Cobra." The shot of Foley looking at the poster is a reference to this fact.

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