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9.6/10.A sequel that brilliantly matches if not surpasses its predecessor.Sequels have that problem because the first movie was so good it's hard to match.A lot of the time they either flounder or stink.This one though is an example of doing a sequel right like Shrek 2 or The Empire Strikes Back.Eddie Murphy's one of the funniest guys ever to grace the big screen, He's the perfect example of someone who moved from TV to the big screen effortlessly.If anything, I found him reprising Axel Foley great.Beverly Hills Cop 2 is one sequel that matches and surpasses the original movie with ease.


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Visible crew/equipment: When the trio are driving to the City Deposit/Federal Reserve Bank, in the shot just before hitting the white/red booth, the extended crane arm with the second camera and seated cameraman are visible behind the booth (for filming from opposite angle). (01:03:25)

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Inspector Todd: Don't think, Axel! It makes my dick itch!

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Trivia: The black valet who receives Axel Foley and Billy Rosewood in the cement truck in front of the playboy mansion is played by a very young Chris Rock (by some declared to be the Eddie Murphy of our day).

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